Whitey MOC (WIP)

So sorry for terribad pics, but these are just a sneak peek of what will appear around may.

So basically I did the general idea and build here, the only things I’m plan ing to change are some of the shells to metru blue (SB or Kopaka) add some Crystal armor from Gali, switch the Gali mask for the new version, change Matau’a blades to crystal blades, obviously change the ball joints and pins to black along with some tiny pieces and finally add some LED lights to the head.


Well considering it’s a WIP, not bad at all! The body and the place where the legs and hips connect just need to be fleshed out a little to be less spindly, and maybe make the arms a lil longer. Other than that, it’s got potential! I’m curious to see the final product.


Yeh, I’m planning on making the arms a bit longer, probably with friction addons.

Also I can’t take more pics rn, but the upper legs are conpletely custom, and tbh the hardest part to come up with on the whole MOC.


Hmm… needs a little more quake beast
I really like the way it looks and I can’t wait to see what the finished product looks like.


Which crossbow design are you planning to use? Because the feathers as used in the second pic may actually flesh out the top of the legs a bit better now that I’m looking at it a bit closer

I’m using the flame crossbow, and I’m planning on using the silver/blue crystal addon on the upper legs to make em less spindly looking on the waist area.


The legs are way to long, but I like them, so in my opinion the arms should be longer to make them work. The torso seems a bit awquard, but the articulation is nice. Also, the flames work better then the feathers, but that’s just me.

It would look good with a katana.
Good otherwise.

I feel like the head is too small and the torso too long. Nut other than that, it’s really good, better than I’ve done with custom limbs, since I don’t do those.

Nice legs. :smile: I love the overall build.

This is a really neat MOC! The colorscheme works out very nicely and the custom torso is superb.

This is really cool.

The arms are kinda short, though.

[engage: lengthy critique]

LEGS: Shins are good, and thighs look okay in the first pic. But seeing their construction from the side… looks like it falls into the category of trying to make them custom without really needing to, and the legs suffer as a result. The placement of the wing pieces doesn’t help much either.

FEET: Good on you for making custom feet, not a lot of people do that. You might want to move the sockets around ninety degrees so that you have more articulation in the front and back.

TORSO: Eh no. Definitely looks very spindly, even for a female. My suggestion is to loose a bit of height on the torso - such that the hands reach down to the mid-thighs, which is proper human proportions - by whatever means you have. Once that is done you should be able to keep the width you have as is.

ARMS: They’re alright, as much as prefab limbs can be.

WEAPON: Really the critique here boils down to whether you want it to look like she’s wielding a realistic crossbow thingy or an exaggeratedly cartoonish one.


No, no it wouldn’t, I like the crossbow more than a katana, and besides the swords on the back are basically extra arms.

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The legs look alright, but they are a little to long.
I like the sword things on her back.
I like the weapons a lot.
I really like the feet for some reason.
The arms look alright.
The torso is way to spindly, even for a female.

The second picture looks like a mixture of Whip/Nae Nae and Hotline Bling. BTW, the favorite part of the MOC is the weapon… I recommend keeping it.

Okay. I just really like katana, and I generally think they look good on virtually any moc.

I see, but I’m not doing it for this one, I’m kinda going for a mistika looking build.

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I may be a heretic, but I like the Mistika, especially Tahu.


i will say what everyone else has said “too skinny hips”
but other than that its great i hope to see another one with less skinny hips net time though