Who controlled the making of Sapient Species?


BackCap wrote:
Hey Greg,

  1. Are non-Matoran species (Vortixx, Skakdi, etc.) created in the same way that Matoran are or is there a different process involved?

  2. Are there any sort of limitations on that Matoran Creating Machine or could someone will ill intent just create an endless army of Matoran?

  3. Probably a similar system

  4. Only a Turaga can authorize creation of Matoran, and unless you also altered their programming (something that is beyond most characters’ capabilities) you wouldn’t be able to turn them into an evil army.[/quote]

We know the Turaga controlled the machines that made the Matoran, but who controlled the others? Makuta? Mata Nui himself? It doesn’t really make sense for the Skakdi to control their own since then they could just make an army?