Who is a Better Lawyer?: Kahi v.s. Phoenix Wright

I’ve been watching the anime “Ace Attorney”, based off the Phoenix Wright games by Capcom. So that plus all the “Kahi: Ace Attorney” fanfics sparked an idea. Who is legitimately the better lawyer? Who would you want defending you in court? This should be decided by each of their strategic thinking, experience, how they do speaking in public and under pressure, debate skills, and anything else you can think of. Have fun with it =D.


A real Lawyer.

Not a sprite or a clown…

Well then, probably the spiky haired one…

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Kahi would create a well rounded argument that seems fool proof.

Phoenix would pull out a piece of string that by dumb luck completely shatters the argument.

Kahi has a breakdown.


Well, from what it looks like, Kahi can make a pretty sound argument which holds up nicely.

Phoenix Wright is the king of bluffing and figuring things out. Kahi in a sense is like Edgeworth to Wright. Plus, Kahi is a logical thinker, but also likes the easy way to explain things.

Although, I think Wright would win a debate due to Kahi being pretty calm most of the time while Wright is constantly yelling and managing to find holes in every argument and even finding the perfect loopholes.

I dunno, maybe some day we should put this to the test. Who knows? I’m sure Kahi plays enough Ace Attorney to know Wright’s thinking process as well.

(Although the way I portray them Kahi is the same way, lol.)


Jennifer Walters is a better lawyer than both @Kahi and that guy from a Capcom Game. Yes she is She-Hulk.


This is how you get arrested and put in contempt of court. The case wouldn’t be solved, either.