Who is the Scariest Villain in Star Wars?

Post your opinion on the most unnerving, terrifying, and downright evil villain of Star Wars. A spoiler tag may be necessary for the Force Awakens. My scariest villains are:


general grievous

Probably General Grievous. Dude has four lightsabers, a wheelbike, and you could chop off two arms and he’d be pretty much just as threatening.

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Jar Jar Binks. He stumbles around, and you get shot by lasers.
Also he was a general and representative for Naboo. Who in their right mind would put Jar Jar in those positions of power?

Darth Maul. He was just intimidating.


Dart Vader.

Or perhaps Abeloth.

Definitely Kylo Ren.

Don’t believe me? The guy is freaking emotionally unstable and is not even afraid to kill his loved ones. This is a man who I fear. A guy who can’t even control himself.


Even though he isn’t the most threatening villain in the Star Wars universe I agree with this point.

Someone in a high position, with a lot of might and influence, but still not in control of his emotions. Someone that is really unpredictable.

@TheRed1s Seriously… where have I spoiled anything ?


Exactly. That’s the reason I find him terrifying. He’s unpredictable but has so much power. It’s scary.

I agree he isn’t threatening, but the reason stated above makes him absolutely terrifying, He’s a different kind of villain for Star Wars, which is why I like him so much.

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I watched Star Wars at a young age so I didn’t know how to properly see Vader as a villain.

so the “scariest” villain for me is gonna have to be Kylo Ren most of the prequel villains felt a little “flat”. Kylo on the other hand feels more real. He’s dealing with “the corrupting powers of light” and has unpredictable spurts of rage. Also he felt justified when KILLING HIS OWN FATHER.


It’s been two months now. If you have not seen Episode 7 it’s really your fault. I don’t think spoiler tags are necessary.

(Plus literally everyone I know and their dog has seen the film. It’s really unnecessary at this point.)


@Chronicler @MakutaKirakh foine foine, I’ll take that bit out

but you’ll be hear from my lawyers

Do you even see my avatar? Or even know what it is?

Regardless, Kylo Ren is a villain that, on the first exposure sure he looked intimidating with the voice and mask. But with the mask off, it’s really his emotion and personality that poses an even more scary side of him.


man, I have no clue what your avatar is

That was basically what I was getting at when I told Kirakh to “spoiler tag his spoilers”. If you don’t see it your self first, it would really lose shock value.

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

I mean sure, but honestly if you haven’t seen the film it’s your loss. It’s been months now since the movie came out.

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######well, looks like I just wrecked myself

eh, fair enough


Darth Vader, but only if you ignore the pitiful back story given by the prequels and base it off of The Clone Wars series instead.


George Lucas
The only person who was capable of slowly destroying the star wars universe, there is no truer evil.



Fear the spoopy goggles and trunk of this fearless Imperial Spy.

TBH, I nearly cried the first time I saw him.


He is right you know.
Anyway I will say that it’s probably Darth Vader. I’m not really into star wars lore though, so there might be much better choices.

Honestly I haven’t seen the film yet but that’s because I can’t stand movie theaters. The thought of being in a dark room with a bunch of people I don’t know bothers be.

Also I had someone spoiled the entire film for me, in the youtube comment section of a TTV Podcast video two days after it came out… Is there a safe place anywhere?

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