Who is your favorite Nexo Knights character?

My favorite characters have to be Ava, Macy, and Aaron.

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It’s a little early to tell, but surprisingly I’m liking Macy, Merlock, Axl, and any squirebots. However I think my absolute favorites have to be Jestro and the BoM.


Ava and Robin are the two most proactive and useful protagonist characters, so my hats off to the two of them

They seem to be the only two besides Clay(whose overzealousy and ridiculous standards bother me) and Macy(who hasn’t really done anything yet) who actually want to be there

But I just love something about Robin and Ava’s potential dynamic.

I can only imagine that since Robin dreams of becoming a knight, that he has visions and delusions of grandeur, wanting to be the hero, maybe even having thoughts of rescuing a distressed Ava

But due to her apparent budding career in technomagic, Ava would actually be the hypercompetent member of the duo.

Jestro and The Book have also made good impressions, though.


I’ve only seen episodes 1-2.
But I like Lance.


Because unlike his predecessors, he does not wear tights and is not a bird. And he’s actually likeable. And his ultimate reminds me of LU.

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I, too, like brave Sir Robin.

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King Halbert

I like to imagine lego designed him after the Burger King mascot. He even fights a creepy clown!


That’s hilarious


I really like Macy for some reason. ( To be honest, when you look at her print, she have a great body shape if she was ever real. LOL )

The others fell flat for.
Clay is boring.
Lance is spoiled af.
Axl eats everything.
Aaron wants the thrill.
Robin wants to become Clay.
I can’t figure why Eva sticks around. Is she paid?
Merlock got stuck into a server since the knights were incompetent.

Hope the characterization evolve alongside the seasons.


So I just got a necrolike on this topic and figured it was as good a reason as any to revive it kinda

Mostly I just wanna reply to this one part

So she’s not the most cheery or emotional individual

that doesn’t mean she can’t be altruistic to at least a certain capacity.

Her and Robin’s aspirations and competency make them easily the most likable of the main cast, and this has remained true even into the second year.

It’s been kind of a bummer seeing Robin take a backseat this season, though

Mostly relegated to team mechanic. I’d love to see him participate in more of the action with all his gadgets and such.