Who remembers "LEGO BATTLES"?

“LEGO BATTLES” was a real-time strategy game, published by Hellbent Games and released exclusively for the Nintendo DS in June of 2009. Within the game there was three conflicts: The Kingdom vs. The Skeleton army, The Pirates vs. The Imperial Navy, and The Humans vs. The Aliens. Each faction had their own playable campaign, each containing three acts.

I LOVE this game. Besides " LEGO Star Wars the Video game", which was my first video game ever; “LEGO BATTLES” is probably my favorite LEGO game. At first when I picked up this game in 2009 I was disappointed because of how different the gameplay was compared to the other LEGO games I had played in the past. But after I gave it a shot I was hooked. I have fond memories of playing through all the missions, meeting all the allies of each faction, and struggling to complete each campaign towards the end.

The reason why I have posted this is to see if any of you have played “LEGO BATTLES”? What do you think about it and do you have anything in particular you enjoyed?


I don’t remember this.
I’ll look into it.
(Grabs bo staff off wall :stuck_out_tongue:)
Actually, this seems interesting.

I have the Ninjago version of this game…
Never played the original…

I don’t know how you felt about that game, but I was not impressed. The very concept of the four ninja and Sensei Wu in a RTS game was kind of stupid. Now a Legends of Chima BATTLES… That would’ve been interesting.


I have heard of it, and Lego Battles Ninjago.

I have the original, played it, and rented out the Ninjago one for a bit.
The original is MUCH easier than the Ninjago one!

I remember seeing adds for it in the Lego Club magazine. My parents never let me get a DS so I’ve never played it.


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You’re right. It was sort of an odd decision to make a Lego Battles Ninjago… Ninjago just doesn’t lend itself to that sort of game.

Now, I also wasn’t impressed just because I’m not a huge fan of the RTS genre, or the Nintendo DS in general. But seeing as how I got both of those things completely free, it was a pretty fun game to play before I went to bed, just as a time waster.


The best thing about LEGO Battles is Kranxx’s name:


So confused as a kid.

I’ve played it, though I was a bit disappointed by it.

It just wasn’t as good as the Mars Mission online game, which was basically the same mechanics but with better graphics, as well as more varied levels and units.

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I believe when I was given a DS lite, his was the game I had in mind.

It was a great experience, to say the least. Fun, although the gameplay was simple.


My childhood was partially that game. I still have a copy for my ds.

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I remember it, love it, and still play it! :smile:

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I got this game when i first got my Nintendo DS (along with Mini Ninjas. If ANYONE remembers or has seen that game, contact me). I got to the part where you had to protect the library or something, couldn’t beat it, and stopped playing it. One year later, I tried again, beat the level, then proceeded to beat the game within a week. I took note of all of the musical references i could think of as a child. The one I remember are the levels “Purple Haze” after Jimi Hendrix’s song and “the Final Countdown”. Both of these levels are from the mission to Mars portion of the game. There are probably more references that I’d get, now that my musical tastes have expanded. Lastly, this game made me obsessed with all of the dwarf minifies and I eventually collected all of the ones Lego released. So all in all, I’d say this game ‘built’ my childhood. XD

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This game was fun

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That’s very interesting. I’m gonna have to go back and find a few myself now. I was intrigued by the Pirates’ allies, the Islanders, and after doing a bit of research I found out about the Islander sets from 1994. I got 6262 King Kahuka’s Throne, and I’m attempting to find decent deals for the other sets.

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I played this a lot. (The Ninjago spin-off as well)

Then I sold my DS.

Now I don’t play anymore.

I’d play again if it got ported to other devices.

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Played a tiny bit of the Ninjago version. Never got around the the original though, and I have little experience with the spin-off.