Who Remembers My LEGO Network?

because it was actually kind of fun -potao
I enjoyed the idea of the pages and the badges and the quest things. I used it back when they put bionicle in there
I am friends with metus! he is a pretty cool guy…
all in all its the wierdest thing ever but cool


I only used it for the BIONICLE stuff.

I might plan on completing it one day though.

I thought they took it down. It was pretty darn cool though.

I’ve heard about it. Never really bothered to figure out what it was…

I played it, but I never finished it because of boredom and lack of updates.

It used to be kind of entertaining but yeah, you pretty much just summed it up.

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Well at least their BIONICLE campaign is canon to the story line.

My Childhood was MLN.


it sucks that you cant do the Bionicle campaign any more.

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I remember MLN…it was OK.


This used to be my old account. I had lots of stuff. Sadly, I forgot the password to it and now I cannot access it. :frowning:

Edited dead topic title just 'cause (I’m on a roll anyway) -legomaster

Don’t you mean
Edited Dead Topic Title

nah, just kidding

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Found on http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Franchise/Bionicle?from=Main.Bionicle


Aw man! This was amazing! Bizarre, but amazing! :laughing: I was friends with all of the Agori Elders, from what I recall! I remember constantly farming my Thornaxx plant, and encouraging my friends to do the same! :smiley:

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