Who remembers the animal eraser tops?

You know em’, you love em’, there’re those- little, eraser… thingamabobs? So basically, they are these animal and food erasers that are made by a bunch of different companies, but with more or less the same mold. So, did you have these? Were you into collecting them? Are they cool? yes.

So you may be wondering why I made this topic, and I have an answer for you. Yesterday I was going through some old stuff, and I found my old collection. There were a bunch of these, and I wanted to know if any of you collected them.



i think i had some a few years ago, but i don’t know where i put them. i remember having a penguin, a pair of sandals, a whale, a few fish, an elephant and others that i don’t remember

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I think I had a couple, but I didn’t collect them or anything

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My sister has hundreds of these. I particularly remember a yellow duck that I somehow incorporated into my Bionicle mocs’ storyline, appearing as a regular villain and speaking exclusively Spanish for some reason.


I had a few of them, like two or something, they were cool but I never wanted to use them out of fear that I would ruin them


I haven’t used a single one.



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