Who Wants to Play Destiny PS3?

NOTE: Contantly being updated/checked
Hello, DarkNinja here. I'm feeling kinda lonely, playing Destiny on the PS3, and would like to see if anyone wants to play with me. My user is down below.

PSN User: darkninja0fstlth

I'm currently a rank 22 hunter, bladedancer. While I do enjoy playing multiplayer, I'm mainly looking for a PvE guy, to help me get them strange coins and gear stuck_out_tongue . If you're interested, put your PSN User down below. Bye, and may the light be with you guardians!

Hey! I'm a level 17 Warlock, on PS3

Psn Name: Sandro1702

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Okay, I sent you a request

I'll check tommorow! Can't get at my PS3 right now,

Okay smile

My name is FLT_Broadband and I'm a level 26 Warlock. I don't have a microphone.

YES!! I want Destiny for my PS3 cause It is epic!!

@BroadBand Okay, I will add you soon.

@Bioniclekid2001 Well, you can play with us if you do smile

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I'd really love to but I don't have PSN so I'll be doing story mode most of the time

It won't let you play without wifi....at all....

Really? I just saw the story mode from the RadBrad and it came out that you don't need it for Storyline

Destiny is online only. Even for campaign.

Dang it not again then I have no choice then I must get online between Xboxlive and PSN incase if new good games comes when I have to have PSN and Xboxlive

@Obviously_Yoni When can you play?

@Broadband When can you play, Broad?

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fagner-nunes is my ID
Level 40 Titan