Who Would you Cast as Tom Bombadil?

Let’s pretend there was a full cut of Lord of the Rings containing everything from the books, and Tom Bombadil was included. If that were to happen, which Hollywood actor do you think would be the best at playing this role?

Personally, I think someone like Tom Hanks could work, but I am pretty sure other actors could work even better.

So, what do you think? Who would be the most fitting for this role?

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The Rock.


Eric Andre.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Nicholas Cage

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Tom Bombadil, as Himself!

Keanu Reeves

Lin-Manuel Miranda


Santa Claus


your mom

Pedro pascal.

Actually, I wouldn’t If I were making a LOTR movie, I’d just remove Tom Bombadil entirely. It’d make for a better movie.

Wait a minute …

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False. The greatest flaw of the Peter Jackson movies was the lack of Tom Bombadil.

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