Wholesome Bionicle Moments

I’ll start.

“Look, Matoro, back on Voya Nui you once questioned your worth to the team because you aren’t a warrior. But being a Toa isn’t about who’s strongest or toughest or has the best mask power. It’s about spirit. And by that measure, you are a great Toa.”
— Toa Mahri Jaller, Downfall

Oh Jaller :sob:.


To continue in the same vein:

You know, Jaller always used to say that Toa were invincible, because the things they stand for — unity, duty, and destiny — are invincible. Oh, we had seen them injured, even defeated temporarily, but somehow they — we — always stood to fight again. Even in the worst moments, I thought surely we would win out and return home again. That’s what Toa do, isn’t it? That’s what heroes do.

[But] sometimes a hero has to do something else besides beat the villains and come home covered in glory. Sometimes, he has to make a sacrifice so that a lot of people — people who he’s never met, and who don’t know his name — can live.

- Toa Hahli, Legends 8: Downfall

Note that this quote is separated in the original text by a descriptive paragraph. I often see the second half brought up when talking about Bionicle quotes, but the first half is just as impactful, and adds the additional context of why Hahli was talking about “something else” that a hero sometimes has to do.


These are indeed wholesome moments.


greg saying love isn’t canon :slight_smile:

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