Wholtreas the Zivon [Revamp]

Hello everyone! F4ngDragon here. I haven’t been on the TTV message boards since I was extremely busy with other stuff related to videogames and college in general. Since I finished college about 2 months ago and a friend came over to buy pieces off me I let my mind run wild and a Zivon came to be my next project.

First things first, I have to say that this is not a very accurate Zivon, as my inspirations for it went in other directions as I realized that I had a Scorpion MOC already. (Skull Scorpio Revamp) and making the same creature twice would make it not as fun nor as unique. In fact, my inspiration for this amazing creature came from Disney’s Movie Atlantis, in the design of the Leviathan, but at the same time, I wanted to drift from it since I needed more flying Rahi on my collection. So, instead of an underwater creature, I wanted my Zivon to be a flying monster of destruction, much like the Leviathan is in the movie but underwater.

Also, this Zivon is a female, so there’s that.

= Poster Shot, with her mouth open and ready to attack.

= Front Shot, with her Heterochromic eyes showing.

= “Roost” Shot. Her pincers hidden but claws showing through.

= Stinger Shot. Instead of a fully fleshed Stinger I wanted to make sort of a Lightning-shooting stinger, so imagine that she shoots lightning from the tip of her tail.

= Hunter Shot. This is how Wholtreas hunts prey. Specially Toa.


Thanks for watching this topic! Please tell me your thoughts! For my next MOC I am planning to make either a Toa or a Husi. That’s all, see you!


The mouth is very very weird. Why you made it like that? And the legs are weird for me too. 8/10

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Hahaha, this Zivon doesn’t even have legs, it’s just has arms since it’s a flying creature. The mouth was recommended to me by a friend, I was going to step forth and do the normal pincer mouth-like design and my friend recommended me to make a mouth much like Predator’s from Alien VS Predator: One that opens wide and eats everything.

Still, thanks for your rating!

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The teeth are just way way way too big!

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“The better to eat you with, my dear.” - Said the Zivon, Spreading her mouth open wide.

Hahaha, Jokes aside, I know, but I like them that way, I guess :slight_smile:


Ok, now this is pretty cool!
Always love to see a large moc, the colors, for the most bit, work together well and match up (besides a few and lighter reds and some others here and there), and this matches up with your inspiration pic quite nicely (with a few differences/bionicle charm)!


Thank you so much for your feedback! <3

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Oh my dog! It it’s hideous, but in a good way.

It is a bit cluttered


Yeah, feels like that at a distance, but when you pick her up, she is very lightweight and feels like its missing something small. But still.