Who's Your Favorite Member Of The Mod Squad [POLL]

Since there has been a favorite cast member poll for quite some time I think it’s time the mod squad got one. You can vote up to two times.[poll type=multiple min=1 max=2]

  • Chronicler
  • Political_Slime
  • legomaster1378
  • Waj
  • John_Smith
  • Indigogeek


I love underdogs

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That Chronicler guy sucks. I hope he has the least votes.


Anyone but Slime.



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Cronk because Oregon is best state


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@political slime killed Eljay when no one else would



So I suck… :sob:


And poor indigo


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Could someone change the you’re in the title to your? Such simple grammatical errors irritate me to no end.

Otherwise, Slime & John best mods. Waj too, but limits (fortunately I suppose) necessitate a choice.

Edit: Grammatical error fixed; thanks, @Ace. ~P.G.


Did it.


Im going Indigo cause he lead the first order in burning down Le Koro during the biocraft game night

They’re all mostly even so I did eeny meeny miny moe and that made me vote for Waj

Fellow Time Lords for the win! #TeamJognSmat

I agree. That Chronicler guys deserves no praise.

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Don’t worry Cronk, I voted for you. :sweat_smile:

Where’s my “none” option?
All of the mods are terrible, horrible people.

B. Donk The Chronicler is a bully and tries to silence his objectors with evil Ace Attorney gifs.

Political Nuju T. Slime is a bringer of death. He slaughters everyone he sees with his false god, Squidward Tentacles.

legomaster1378 has numbers in his name. Numbers are evil and must be eradicated.

Waj A. Japaniswherezeldaisfrom spends all of his time “editing videos” for the tyrannical state of TTV. We don’t know what “editing videos” means, but it has to be nefarious.

Jonathan Underscore Smith is a traitor who steals information from the many children of the Message Boards.

Indigo “Indi” Geeke has a ton of babes. Babes are not allowed in this community, therefore he has to die.

Anyone who voted for any of these awful pieces of Mega Bloks waste should be labelled as a traitor to the Church of LEGO.


Ole Kirk is rolling in his grave, boy.


Plural? You okay, bud?