Who's your favorite Overwatch Hero?

The long awaited (but not really) sequel to my “What’s your favorite League of Legends champion?” post.
But this time, we’re talking Overwatch. You can say what your top 3 are, or your most favorite. (or least favorite, I don’t care.)

I’ll go with my Top 3.
3. Reaper
He’s my favorite Offense hero. That’s all that really needs to be said.
2. Brigitte
Not only is she a Support, but she does a lot of damage and is fun imo.

  1. Reinhardt
    He was the first Hero I played, so he’ll probably always be my favorite character. Also I just like playing him.

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3. Mercy

I like being support from time to time. I don’t consider myself a good Mercy player, but she’s pretty fun to play as, and it is very satisfying to bring an entire team back to life.

2. Soldier 76

It’s like I’m playing Halo again. 76 seems to be the easiest to play as for me because he’s so familiar. His abilities are pretty straightforward and he’s really fun to play.

1. D.va

Although a bit difficult to get used to, to me she is a really nice tank hero. I like the story of pro-gamers making up Korea’s military in Overwatch, and although her abilities take some practice to know when and where to use them best, they give pretty satisfying results when done correctly. Also, it’s fun to eliminate people with her pistol after the mech is destroyed, and the fact that she streams her battles makes it even funnier.

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I’m a Lucio main through and through. He’s simple and I can heal my entire team (if they’re close enough) and shoot at the same time. I often play Soldier 76 during Elimination, because the extra offensive power is useful.

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I have a couple mains, but I typically main Zenyatta and Roadhog. Zenyatta is just my kind of hero - dish out damage accurately without being a sniper whilst healing my team. On the other hand, Roadhog feels satisfying to nail the hooks at just the right time to drop an enemy or prevent a Rein charge.

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I don’t play OW, but if I did, it’d be Genji. 'Nuff said.

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For support (My primary role): Ana/Zenyatta
For tanking: Roadhog/DVA
For DPS: Pharah, S76 and Reaper.

Ignore the fact my most played character is Genji.

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My top three heroes are Reinhardt, Reaper, and D.va
My favorite hero in terms of their character is Reinhardt though.

I play Rein most of the time so here are some of my stats

i don’t even play overwatch but lucio is the best only because of his sheer quotability

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I really prefer to play support, so I’m usually Zenyatta or Mercy.
I also like to play Torbjorn because he’s a goof.

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I have never played the game, But Genji and Reinhardt look pretty sweg.

1. Bastion


Tank: D.va
Support: Ana or Zen
DPS: Genji is fun, 76 seems much more effective though
I prefer Hanzo to Widow, may not get a scope but his toolset is better.

Bastion, Reinhardt, and Torbjorn. I’m completely basing this off of character and designs seeing as I’ve never actually played Overwatch.

are you pulling my leg maximus

Nope. I’ve never played Overwatch.

i mean
you’re on my friends list on battlenet

Different Maximus. I find its a rather common name online.

Then i have no idea why they added me after our first game then

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I would really like to play it though.