Whotu, Toa of Plasma

Another member of the Toa team I am making. Haven't figured out a backstory for him yet, but I will add that when I figure it out.

This leaves Gravity and Iron to do. I think I am going to something special for Tahu and the 6th member, so he might be a Ta-Toa.


pretty cool, can't wait to them all together

Nice build. I like the bohrok head as back armour.

Nice job! The color scheme is really cool to see. I will have to try it out myself.


The proportions seem odd.

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He looks good, but I think you should lengthen his legs. Also... His head. Is just slightly. Too. High. It bugs me so much. But good job overall.

The head is way to far away from the shoulder! Way to far away. Why do people do this! This brother me way more then it should.

Other wise the MOC is pretty groovy man.

Pretty cool.

you know your a star wars fan when you read plasma and hear phasma

Great job dude! the only real problem i see with him is that he reminds to much of a toa of stone.

This looks awesome!

I love orange and white, they compliment each other really well. Here you have executed it perfectly. Great design. Can't wait to see more

Hmm this looks pretty nicely done

Added the backstory. I'm starting to get a better picture of where this is going. Think Orwellian.

Oh, and I meant to say plantlife, not gravity. Having a Toa of Gravity and a Toa of Sonics would be way too much black.

Nice color scheme. Quite solid.

Pretty much have this issue with it, as well as the yellow Bohroak shield (it kinda feels out of place for me). Real fan of the colour scheme though, well done! :slight_smile: