Why aren't the mahri turaga?

Matoran into toa, toa into turaga, turaga into legend; right? If I’m not mistaken, the goal (or destiny rather) of the inika/mahri was to retrieve the ignika and save mata nui from death. So shouldn’t they be turaga? I’m but a plebeian with none of the books.

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Toa have the option to become Turaga, but some choose not to. The Toa Nuva are an example of this. Lesovikk, the Mahri, and others have chosen not to as well. It just depends on if they feel like it.


Isn’t there like a process to become Turaga? Like how the Metru had their energy drained to save the Matoran? I guess the Mahri would have to go through something similar to that.

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Interesting, the end of LOMN made it seem like once a toa achieved their destiny, they transformed into a turaga. I always thought that was just how it worked. could they potentially become turaga at anytime after? or are they toa forever?

They can become Turaga at any point they want to. If they don’t want to, they can stay Toa forever. But yeah, I understand the misconception. LoMN made it seem like they had to become Turaga right away, but that isn’t the case.


Eljay is correct; a Toa only becomes a Turaga if they’ve completely their destiny and they surrender their Toa Power. Technically, almost all of the main Toa we know of have the ability to become Turaga if they choose, aside from Takanuva, Krakua, and a few others.

I’m not certain if Lesovikk actually completed his destiny, so maybe he might not be able to become a Turaga…

I think since turaga are presented as being “elderly” We forget that age is not necessarily the factor. It’s completely based on choice.

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They became Turaga because they used the last of their Toa power to awaken the Matoran.

A Toa can give up their Toa Power (which doesn’t recharge, unlike Elemental power) to make Toa Stones, heal others, awaken comatose beings, etc. at any time, but they don’t automatically become Turaga unless their destiny is complete (i.e. why Lhikan didn’t become a Toa until his Toa stones were used) The Mahri’s destiny is over, so they can give up their Toa power and will automatically become Turaga – assuming, of course, that they do not have another destiny.

How exactly “destiny” works is not exactly clear. We know this much: it is preordained at the “birth” of a Matoran/Toa/other MU inhabitant, it can change, it can be left unachieved, but it seems to be a force that tries to be achieved. The only destinies we actually know of, though, are those of Lhikan, The Toa Mata, Mata Nui, Teridax, and Takanuva. We don’t even know the full extent of Lhikan’s destiny, only that it involved the Metru somehow. So it’s possible the Mahri haven’t fulfilled theirs. Actually, it’s entirely possible Matoro never fulfilled his original destiny.

So, basically, The Mahri would become Turaga if they used up all their Toa power, and if their destiny is complete. If not… well, LoMN seems to imply that you stay a Toa, but you have Turaga power level, just not a Turaga body until you actually become a Turaga. So, essentially, this “Turaga-Toa” has the elemental/Mask powers of a Turaga, but the height of a Toa.


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What ever did happen to the Toa Nuva at the end anyway?

Well, you see… Yes.


I mean, did they just live happily ever after on Spherus Magna in their less than stellar Mistika/Phantoka forms? Did they have any position of power? If you think about it, all toa are completely useless by that point. There is no evil left for them to deal with. The makuta are dead, the matoran and agori are getting along. What is the purpose of the toa after the end of bionicle? That’s the question we should be asking!

Greg never finished the story. As far as it is concerned, everything is in limbo. Kopaka and Pohatu are still on the Red Star, Lewa is with a wild Agori tribe, Tahu and Gali are still working with the Bara Magna folks, and Onua is… somewhere.

If you choose to follow the idea that Bionicle ended in 2010 and the serials never happened, then yes, they lived happily ever after.


WHEN DID THEY DIE!!! By mata nui, I really need to read the books. :pensive:

I could see him to be the frist one to socialize with the locals. :slight_smile:

Of course. The best toa is the one who gets forgotten.


They didn’t die, this was in an online serial.

Unless there are any other questions or discussion people would like to have regarding this subject, I think we can close this topic.


Bro, read the serials. My favorite one is Federation of Fear. But yeah I can see this becoming a “trend” of the Toa not giving up on their powers. At this point it would be unnecessary for them to do it.


WHEN DID THEY DIE!!! By mata nui, I really need to read the books.

@MaximusPrime Yeah, man, serials are the way to go. You can find them on BioMedia Project here: http://biomediaproject.com/bmp/serials/

Also, to specify, we kind of do know what happened to Onua. At the beginning of the serial the Yesterday Quest, he was carrying out orders for Tahu Nuva as that Toa’s second. So, in the end, Onua got the best position the least-publicized-but-in-reality-the-best-Toa could get.




If they became Turaga then that would make HewkiixMacku even weirder.
Just imagine for a moment.

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I’ve written what by this point is pretty much a novel’s worth of fanfiction looking into that question. Then again, that’s just fanfiction, not canon. Regrettably the canon never really gave us much of an answer there nor closure of any kind.


I’ll take anything by this point.