Why Bother with a Title


Renner’s let himself go, hasn’t he


How dare you, I am aHFfan


Renner after getting into the exercise regimen Ghid recommended?

Jokes aside, this is a pretty cool MOC! I like the contrast between the blue and silver pieces.


You know it’s funny to see Renner being brought up by people in this way, considering that your selfMOC has had a presence on this site long before I joined, let alone posted any version of my selfMOC

Honestly, it’s very surprising to see how much more simplistic this version of this guy is compared to the previous one. I’m sad that you decided to get rid of the turquoise and orange, I’ve always thought that it was such a striking colour scheme, and the mata blue just doesn’t do it for me. On the other hand, due to the smaller scale, he has a much more unique silhouette. That head design is as amazing as ever, and the hands are constructed in a clever way

fursonas are just furry self mocs :dizzy_face:


maybe if he had bothered with a title or some exposition I would have something to go off of aside from obvious comparisons

anyway, I suppose I should give some proper CC. I think the big and the hide of sorts on his back are the coolest bits. The gas mask I didn’t actually notice at first, but that’s also cool. Hips need some more coverage, so it doesn’t look like his power armor has thigh slits (alternatively, make fur some out of his thigh slits), and the blue chest plate on top of the silver messes with the color layering elsewhere. I also think it’d be cool if you added a secondary color to his furry bits, maybe brown or dark orange.


Very nice self-moc. I like the simpler style of build, but there are complicated bits like the hands, mask and spike details that are cleverly implemented. Neat color scheme, overall cool build


I would’ve put more info and stuff, but I figured no one would really be interested in it.


Okay yeah that’s completely fair

You’d be very surprised :smirk:

Of course if it was a novel sized lore dump, then yeah, I bet very few would care, but if it’s a paragraph or two with the most crucial information about the character, I’m sure everyone would appreciate it. At least giving the character’s name would be nice as well


I spend plenty of hours reading bionicle character lore. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I like to sit down with a drink or snack, and casually read through the massive quantities of hand written lore, that I know is good, because it doesn’t come from a minimalistic company, designed to draw people in with promises of a “deep and interesting “ story, just to be a shoddy mess.