Why Can We Flag Our Own Posts?

Just wondering, because it is kinda funny that I could contribute to the removal of one of my own posts by flagging it. Not necessarily a serious topic, but a question I'm curious about nonetheless.

When you can't trust your own judgment about whether something you say is offensive or not, you can flag yourself and avoid the trouble of having people that do find it offensive flagging it.

Well, why not just delete it then?

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So you don't look goofy and such, with the 24 hours thing.


Not looking goofy is the best reason ever. And by that I mean it's ridiculous and mildly silly, but if that's the actual reason I wouldn't be too surprised.

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Sometimes people flag their topic's with a message to the mods, asking if their topic can be closed down for whatever reason.

Most people '@' the mods to get their attention, though, flagging posts/topics is far more effective.

Also, yeah, the whole 24 hour deleting thing too. Mods can delete the posts instantly.


That first reason definitely makes sense. Thanks for explaining! I knew there had to be some logic to it.

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Seems like this question has been answered.