Why Can't We Be Friends?

Someone needs to make plurbo an actual Emoji.

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@SpookekoaOfJungle why can't we be friends?

Because I don't deserve to be friends with a mod.

Because there's already a spooky skeleton inside me.

see above


Can we be friends? We both have masks.

Sure, why not? I have no qualms.

Why, Kopeke can we not take part in Standard Comraderie?

Why is our blood not strengthed by such comraderie?

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Because I used to be friendly like you, until I took an arrow to the knee...

because you are barely on the boards good sir, and I am not on discord that often

[insert humorous joke as to why we can't be friends]

yeah i can't think of anything


....you got married?

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@Oniwah why can't we be members of the greatest unified fighting force the galaxy has ever seen together?

Yep. I married my childhood sweetheart Hahli. The only girl who I can talk to without being awkward.



Kopeke's older than 16?

I meant to say Hahli. Autocorrect stinks.

@Kopeke_Nuva Why can't we be friendzies?

Because I don't know what an Ora is.


@Toatrex why haven't we become super awesome best buddy friends?

because I dissapear from this website for months at a time Before anybody can get to know me. the fact i don´t post much doesn´t help either

Hey @MaximusPrime why can't we be bros?