Why did TTV stop using the podcast archive channel?

If this was mentioned during a podcast, I must’ve missed it. For a while, TTV was uploading clips of their podcasts to the main channel and the full podcast to the TTV Podcast Archive. Why did they stop doing that? Not that it bothers me, I’m just wondering.

It was mentioned in the latest TTV podcast.

The latest, as in the latest streamed. It’s not up as a video yet. It’s explained better there, but I’ll try and summarize. Essentially the archive channel was an initiative to try and get more views, as not everyone had time to watch a full podcast, hence the idea of the clips and full episodes belonging to a separate channel to not interfere with main channel watch times (or something to that effect). However, creating two videos for one podcast became too time consuming, and since TTV has moved away from caring about views and stats, they’re ditching the ideas of clips and just keeping the new podcast episodes as one video.

The Archive Channel will become… something that I’m not sure has been publicly announced outside the Patreon Discord, so I’ll just say to stay tuned for more info regarding that.