Why didn't Keetongu cure the Rahaga?

So as far as I have read, the Bionicle lore states that Keetongu could reverse the affects of mutations in a being, as long as they were pure of heart. However, I noticed an odd detail: When Keetongu cured the Toa Hordika, the Rahaga weren’t cured. Was it because they weren’t pure enough of heart, or was this just a plot hole that you forgot about?


Because it also states that only beings mutated by the visorak venom could be cured. As far as I know Roodaka mutated the Rahaga not the Visorak venom.

Sry if I sound rude


Oh yeah, I just found this on Roodaka’s wiki article:

Unlike Visorak Venom, her mutations couldn’t be absorbed by Keetongu.


Correct. She eventually did undo her mutations on the Rahaga, but it seems she was the only one who could.

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