Why Didn't Vakama Know His Mask Power?

How could Vakama not know his mask was a kanohi Huna, the mask of invisibility, being a former mask maker, can somebody explain me?


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I’ll do the honors @SammySpartan.
Well, perhaps mask powers change between the transition from Matoran to Toa.

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He didn’t read the story

I’m not funny

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That is a nice question.
However, this is juts another plot hole.

I don´t understand, if you mean the books, they were never sold were I live (Mexico)

You seem to have a good grip on english. Maybe you could try and find them in english.

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I’m just making a bad joke

And yes books

Maybe, I could order them from amazon but they are expensive and I haven´t got a lot of money right now

Vakama was too emo and depressed to understand his true powers. Most of the scenes involving vakama in the 2nd bionicle movie usually just show him moping around and sulking.


He moped for a little bit. The rest of the time he worked on the Mask of Time.

But yeah, this is something that always bugged me. At least the way the transformation is depicted in the movie, the Metru should 100% know their mask powers.


If you want to read the books, they’re all here.
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Vakama probably created Powerless and noble masks. So his Huna being a great mask he likely didn’t work with those.


He might’ve been aware that masks come shaped as others and didn’t jump to the obvious conclusion. Also, what Xevins said.


Even though that, the mask is still make with a kanoka disk of invisibility soooooo… use common sense Vakama!!!

You can’t just check what disks a mask is made out of so your point is invalid.

Well, he may have gotten his mask 1,000,000,000,000 years ago (or however long ago the matoran were created, please correct me on that bc its late and I’m lazy) and forgotten it.

We’ve also seen that a mask’s power is not consistently tied to its shape. The Hagah masks were forged in the shape of other masks worn by fallen Toa; and Lhikan’s Hau is by no means a carbon copy of Tahu’s. And let us not forget the masks of both the Makuta and Toa of the Phantoka and Mistika lines. The Toa were given shapeshifting masks by Artahka, while the Makuta had natural shapeshifting powers that extended to their masks. Not to mention that the Golden Masks of 2001-2002 had all six great mask powers but retained one shape.


I think this is the best explanation, thanks claps

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The thing is, his Huna was a powerless mask before his transformation.

Anyway, any discussion about the best hero in Bionicle is welcome.