Why do all of the islands end with Nui?

Dear Greg F.

This is a question that bugged me yesterday, on Aqua magna we have been on Mata Nui, Metru Nui Carda Nui, and Voya Nui. And also if all islands we’ve been to are part of the MNR (Mata Nui Robot,) how big is the archipelago? (Definition: a collection of islands)

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doesnt Nui mean union or something like that? like, union of land a.k.a island?

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Pretty sure it means “great”

Hence Great City and Great Spirit(named for)

Don’t think we ever were told what Voya, Karda, or Mahri mean specifically, although you can make some pretty easy conjectures.


Voya Nui means Great Voyage and Karda Nui is Great Heart. Not sure about Mahri.


I’m pretty sure Easter Island is called Rapa Nui.


I thought Nui meant island but it seems other people have different opinions. Good question.

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It absolutely means “great”, yeah. It has been previously confirmed that this term retained the meaning that it holds in Maori.

Y’know, those sound about right. I feel like it’s pretty fair to say that “Mahri Nui” is the “Great Marine”.

Yup; more accurately, the people of the island and the island itself. :stuck_out_tongue:

Curious to hear exactly what Greg has to say on this one.


Against the title: I don’t think that Odina, Nynrah, Daxia, Xia, Destral, Artidax, Zakaz, or Stelt ends with “Nui.”
And meanings:
Karda = Heart
Mata = Spirit
Voya = Voyage
Metru = City/District
Mahri = Ocean/Water
Nui = Great (Mata Nui means Great Spirit, that’s obvious…)


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Education, pure and true :ok_hand:

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Not sure what there is for me to add here, you guys seem to have answered the question.