Why does everyone hate Gali Mistika?

Why does everyone hate Gali Mistika? I’m confused…

It’s because of her weird mask (Although I don’t have any problem with it myself).

I mean, the Elda is far worse

Look at that 'stache!

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I guess cause there was nothing very Gali like about her aside from her color. Like, if you dumped grey paint on all the mistika, and told someone who had never seen them before to guess which toa was which, they probably wouldn’t be able to find out. Like, what does having a gun have to do with water, nothing. Nothing about her is linked with being a toa of water except the blue on her. At least, that’s why I don’t like her a ton.


Well, the Inika Masks in General look pretty weird, it’s not limited to Elda only (Although other then the masks the Toa Inika are some of my favourite Toa)

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You could do the same thing with almost all the other Toa.

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I agree! Especially with clone sets such as every bionicle set ever their masks and weapons are their only differenciating features

The mistika as they are aren’t that bad. But they aren’t the best representation of the Toa Nuva (though to be fair every second form of a toa looks nothing like the first form. So that isn’t much of a problem for me)

But Gali in particular is bad because of her terrible mask. All the Mistika and Phantoka masks are pretty decent in my opinion, but Gali’s mask is just abysmal. I don’t care that it doesn’t look like the Kaukau nuva because like I said masks changing drastically in design is just par for the course. But they could have at least made it look good. The Kaukau Mistika would be a better fit on Kopaka.

The only Mistika I really like is Tahu, the other two are just incredibly plain. The Phantoka I even like, but the Mistika are way too similar to each other.

Why you made two topics that were representing the exact same thing?

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Except on Tourik.

Like most people said, it’s mostly due to the unfitting mask, the heavily silver color scheme, and in general barely looking like the source.


This one is me asking a question, the other is a group I made to support my beliefs, they are actually quite different

Yeah, only that at the end of that one you openly asked everybody “can you help me understand why there is so much hate?” rendering the difference between them useless.

I would disagree. Their weapons usually help, though I would say that that stops being the case with ignition.

“Gali Mistika is the worst set ever!”
But why? Because her mask looks different to her earlier self

See? Her mask never looked similar!
Because there’s no bright blue?

Because there’s too much silver? All the Phantoka have lots of grey/black
Yes the mask looks ugly but the Elda has a mustache! Please explain your reasons why! And if you like the set then this is the place to go!


I agree with you. Gali Mistika is not THAT bad. I don’t even think the mask is ugly.


Gali Mistika would’ve been better if she wasn’t Gali.


It is worth noting that most people do not like the Kaukau Nuva either

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Is this topic really necessary


Honestly the mask can look fantastic on the right moc.