Why Hero Factory Heroes are more then 'just robots"


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@Marendex_T17 is right..


How about this
What if the quaza cores that came from certain planets aren't only a special ore

But were created long ago during a war, in which makuhero took part in

maybe once he was an organic lifeform, but rebuilt himself as a robot?

the idea is, if organic life asides from beasts and monsters existed before all these robots, what if they just turned into some kind of crystal (quaza) and their spirits live on inside the heroes?

I dunno, a bit of an absurd theory I guess
and it ties into them actually being more then just robots


I should totally do something related to quaza cores.


We saw when they got upgrades. They only replaced their outing armor plating; they never took apart their bones.

That sounds...intresting....huh.....

They were only given as much character development as robots. That's my biggest problem with HF.


but that was not really the point...they are not just robots even if they were kinda...treated like it?

I agree with that.

also agree with this

Y’know, I recently started reading the Doom Box book, and I find it interesting that even Stormer doesn’t like being called “just a robot”. Kind of an interesting detail that the Heroes know they are being called that

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