Why Hero Factory Heroes are more then 'just robots"

Okay so I am not trying to point fingers but we have a small issue. people saying that the Heroes are just robots.

Think about it. the Toa were no more then drones before Veileka screwed it up.

and the Heroes are normal beings like humans, they only are given a higher sense of right and wrong.



They are robots

Just highly intelligent robots

Since hf was a test for lego, the story didn’t expand the characters as much as I feel they should have
They have the ability to become individuals, just lego didn’t use the potential


I was actually planning on making a Herofactory stop motion called “Just Metal”
About weather the heroes are just robots or not.


I think without the Quaza Cores Heroes would be just robots, but because of their cores it gives them personality, emotion, and sentience. Which makes them a little bit more than just a robot.


“Heroes are made, not born.”

I’m not sure how much the Quaza cores mean anything, we only know they provide them with power and “a sense of justice.” Maybe the programmers found out that Quaza assists them in programming ethics somehow, and even then people like Core Hunter and Von Ness found out how to screw that up.

plot twist Quaza cores are the souls of Bonkles


Technically, yes, they are just robots, albeit highly intelligent ones. They were built, programmed, and have no actual organic parts.

As far as we know…

The Toa, on the other hand, were actually partly organic, and were actually alive, unlike the heroes.


But. the Toa were meant to be drones and the Heroes are alive by HF universe rules.

sure the Toa and matoran gained a small amount of.well…being alive.

So you’re saying that partially organic, biologically living, sentient Matoran are less alive than fully-mechanical, biologically unliving, sentient heroes?

Edit: and one more thing, Are we speaking of them being more than robots physically or mentally?



and why dont you go walk up to Optimus Prime and call him unliving…same thing as calling a Hero unliving.

Ok, thank you, that clears up a lot.

Allow me to quote myself here.

(I’ll note here that that may not have been the best choice of words.)

Meaning inorganic. No fleshy bits to speak of.

A Cybertronian is about as alive as a mechanical thing can get. They have a spark which is pretty much the mind/soul of a transformer. Remove the spark, and all you’re left with is a dead, mechanical shell.

Heroes (to my knowledge) are relatively the same. The primary difference being that their “soul” is a glowing orange rock as opposed to a fragment of their god’s own “soul”.

A few things you said in the initial post caught my attention.

These people may be speaking from a physical point of view, and if that is the case, then yes, Heroes are just sentient robots.

Look at your arm. Go ahead, I’ll wait.
Now, did your arm have the appearance of being entirely made of metal? Is it moved by hydraulic pistons? If it gets hacked off will you feel nothing?

Heroes are nothing like humans, biologically speaking.

You can argue the semantics of “Oh, they’re sentient, like humans.” “No they’re not.” all day, but an HF Hero is not an organic being. Ergo, they are not “like humans”.

True, but even as soulless nanomachines, they still possessed organic components, and those organic components had to be (biologically) alive in order to exist.


I think Marendex has explained the differences rather well.


Thank you for that, and what I mean is that in the HF universe the people are robots. and they are all mentally human-like.

now their bodies…are a different story…

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hey you read my mind, but i fell that the heros never acted like the toa we had before more robotic like they are of cource but theirs no personalty. they are more derected to do the job and finish the wave and get ready for next villian/upgrade

on the plus side its my first post on hero factory that i thought about

While I have not watched all the show, all the advertising generally gave the implication that they were just all robots with the Quaza Cores that were essentially enabled advanced A.I’s capable of independent thought and personality.

Part of my head canon is that it is the reason why many of them have stereotypical characters and personalities.


According to School House Rock, we’re all machines :stuck_out_tongue:


If heroes have Quaza cores that give them sentience and personality, what do the villains have?..some of them actually have more personality than the Heroes…

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They have me

Answer is simple. The Velika Personality Virus.


Most robots in HF have

already. Heroes have their cores as their means of gaining

So yup

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If heroes weren’t just robots,we could hear their screams of agony all over the galaxy when they get upgrades

so I agree with everything @Marendex_T17 said


Oh mata nui…