Why is Solek a hated set?

I got the fact that the set was small and joints from that year snapped a lot. But why is Solek in particular hated. I mean he has a cool mask, Pretty decent color scheme, lack of red and blue pins, great in story character. Just a basic 09Matoran/Agori/Star build.

So why is he hated more than the rest of the sets of his era?


In reality, the hate is more of a joke among the general community, though one of TTV's cast members (I forgot who) has an actual hate of the set due to its colour scheme, plain grey and white and a very bland mix altogether.


It was Meso iirc

Honestly the set has nothing going on.

The only redeeming thing he has is the mask.

Other than that he has a boring color scheme, a simple and generic build, very small pose ability, and over all he's just generic. From what I've seen, everyone hates him because he's boring.


it's actually really dull.

very monochrome, and blue eyes would be better for an ice character than green.

the articulation is crap, the weapons are just generic hewkii mahri blades, and the only interesting piece is his mask. the other parts, save for the terrible limbs, would be made available elsewhere.


Tanma is around the same thing, just in super breakable lime green.

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but his color scheme isn't monocrome.

it has a vibrant color that isn't the skull piece.

that would be the lime, like photok has orange.


His white leg pieces are only available in two sets him and Mazeka. So there is some collectibility there. I think his eye color could be explained by the fact that he is an Av-Matoran. I think all of the 08 matoran had green eyes.

What should they have done? Part of Solek's character was being a Kopaka fan.

Also if you wanted the Av-Matoran this is the low low price you can get them for on Amazon

I really question why people buy these here...

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I only own a solek because I got TTV to sign it. Other than that, the mask is the only piece of worth in the entire set. Nothing else is unique or interesting, among other issues regarding articulation and fragility.


I'm not buying that "happy meal looking toy" for fifty dollars. I can understand it being rare now a days, but no.


I'm not sure why Solek in particular. He's just as bad as the other Av-Matoran.

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Nothing but a meme, man. Solek literally has nothing special, so he's a pretty easy target.

What's even better is that you can buy all three Av-Matoran for 180 USD. Believe it or not they've actually gone down...Tanma used to be 100 USD...

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Reason why?
He's just as bad as Photok and Tanma. But with even less color.

Otherwise it's just because he's a terrible set.

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yes. and mazeka is just as bad, but at least he came with the swamp crawler, which helps elevate his position.


o rly?

i'm saying that it would have been a better choice for an ice character to have blue eyes, in order to relate him more to his native element, than the generic as heck green.

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or you could bricklink the parts and get all the av-matoran for much cheaper

  1. True, the Swamp Crawler is awesome.
  2. But he isn't ice....He's a light matoran trying to cosplay as Kopaka. :stuck_out_tongue:
  3. A detail in the books...He was a big of fan of Kopaka and changed his armor because of that.
  4. Yea. But the fact that they actually sell for that price on Amazon...I wonder if people actually buy them? You could make a killing :stuck_out_tongue:

Because Solek is a genetically inferior character:


Average: 7.75




Average: 9


Those stats are not correct. Solek is way smarter than that... :stuck_out_tongue:

TFW even Lego acknowledges he sucks


It's because they resent the true king of Bionicle, and wish they could afford him, and Meso is a scrublord dictator. Okay no, but really the reason he gets hate is mostly a meme. as Meso said he hated him on a stream due to his bland colors and people turned it into a meme to troll him.