Why is there ads on the site?

I wasn’t too sure which category I should place this in, but anyways…

Why are there ads on the site?

Strange, I only get ads on desktop.
Also I’m pretty sure it’s for profit and such.

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I have also seen ads on the computer whenever I had gone on it, but I was just wondering if this was intentional or a bug or worse…

I have adblock enabled, so I don’t see any at all. I suppose they were added to the site by the service provider so they could make some extra cash.

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We have to pay for this website, ads generate profit which goes into hosting. If we don’t have ads we can’t keep it up. (It’s weird that you’re only just now noticing them though, we’ve had them for awhile now)

Also they weren’t added by the service provider, they were added by us. All money goes to us. (which like I said, goes right back into keeping the site running).



But I’m on a phone, so…

I never visit the site on mobile. Are they a problem to you?

Oh few!
That’s relieving!

Glad to know its intentional! I just wasn’t sure if it was a virus on my phone or something :slight_smile:

Edit: Hmm… Question answered, topic closed? :slight_smile:

Indeed, question answered- topic closed :stuck_out_tongue: