Why so many species?

Hi Greg. Why is it that whenever you introduce a new character, they’re either a toa or, a glatorian a new species? Why not make more characters vortixx, a prime race, etc.?


I think Greg only gives a background to characters AFTER they were designed by LEGO. But if you are talking about the serials, I suppose it was because both Toa and Glatorian are the most well-known species in the BIONICLE universe. But yeah, it would be awesome if Greg could introduced more characters from another species (I think the last one was Angonce, right?)

Angonce is a glatorian.

I was thinking more characters like lariska and tobduk, which could be rolled up into other species (lariska was mentioned to look like a Vortixx, even) but are instead the only known members of their species.

No, Johmak was. Not Lariska.

For one, Lariska is Toa sized. Additionally, the way she is described in Birth of a Dark Hunter, vs. Roodaka, they do not seem similar.
And also;

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