Why so many species?

Hi Greg. Why is it that whenever you introduce a new character, they’re either a toa or, a glatorian a new species? Why not make more characters vortixx, a prime race, etc.?


I think Greg only gives a background to characters AFTER they were designed by LEGO. But if you are talking about the serials, I suppose it was because both Toa and Glatorian are the most well-known species in the BIONICLE universe. But yeah, it would be awesome if Greg could introduced more characters from another species (I think the last one was Angonce, right?)

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Angonce is a glatorian.

I was thinking more characters like lariska and tobduk, which could be rolled up into other species (lariska was mentioned to look like a Vortixx, even) but are instead the only known members of their species.

No, Johmak was. Not Lariska.

For one, Lariska is Toa sized. Additionally, the way she is described in Birth of a Dark Hunter, vs. Roodaka, they do not seem similar.
And also;