Why the Legend Reborn wasn't the best BIONICLE movie

That moment you realise this entire thread should not have been necro-posted. This entire topic is essentially just 'blame Food Fight for everything else'

Food Fight had many writers... it cannot be determined what was contributed by any single writer. Food Fight sucked, but that isn't the reason why other films had negative reactions.

I'm not going to go into the massive history behind Food Fight, but in essence the film was never going to be good in any way, shape or form. The concept may have been something but after 2002 its fate was sealed and in 2011 the film was literally auctioned off in order 'to complete and release the film as inexpensively and quickly as possible'

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Has anyone noticed that Ackar has the same voice as Ultra Lord from the adventures of Jimmy Neutron?


Even the novel adaption wasn't that good... I feel for Greg having to write that.

In my opinion, it would've been tolerable if it weren't for the animation and voices. The voices were new and young and annoying (in comparison to the foreign feel previous movies provided) and the animation does in fact look like a bunch of toys with slickly-oiled joints being tossed around.

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That's not animation. That's character design. The animation - the way characters and objects moved and interacted - was objectively very good. The visual style on the other hand is a matter of personal preference.


'Scuse my wording.
I wasn't referring to their appearance when I described them as toys, I meant how they moved, the physics, and all that. Their movements in the action scenes (while granted were technically better than the first movies) looked akin to dolls or loosely-jointed play-things to me.

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Huh. Gonna have to go back and watch those scenes again. The combat choreography - while not anywhere near Matrix level - seemed fairly decent to me when I first watched TLR.

And maybe my opinion's exaggerated from not watching it in so long, so who knows?


To the not-completely-legal YouTube version of TLR we go!!!


Also the characters weren't stylized like the first three movies... They were just edited models of the sets, not fun at all.

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The first three made you cringe... but TLR didn't?

Honestly find that hard to believe, there are so many cringe-worthy moments in TLR.



I wasn't trying to blame the animation studio for the faults of TLR just because they made FoodFight. This topic was just a joke topic and I don't know why people are taking this seriously just because TLR was animated by the FoodFight animators.

In my opinion I thought TLR was a decent movie in its own right. People criticizing of TLR are thinking like it was Bionicle 4 when it really wasn't. It was well animated especially during the fighting scenes. However, even though TLR is based off the Bionicle story in one way or another, I do agree that the story is not up to par to the 3 original movies.


I got the film for free, so I am not complaining about that, but at the end we're left with an open end. Like Lego said we want everyone to read the comics and stay up to date, so screw you and find out yourself what happens after!

I think a movie of the Ignition Trilogy would have been good for a movie instead of TLR. With the graphics of TLR and a better studio/script or something. A 3 hour epic, ah, that would be good.

Interesting analysis pro-TLR for those in the mood to read big blocks of text


Yes, it was Jim Cummings! The first time I ever heard his voice was as Pete in the Goofy Movie.

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I saw Mata Nui with teeth and spinning parts and immediatly said nope


Don't get me STARTED on Food-fight !!!

I probably don't have as much of an issue with TLR than anyone else, then again I'm much more open and accepting to new ideas that follow in line with tradition.

TLR started somewhat good. It continued where the advertisement left off. However, I feel as if they tried scripting towards a very young audience, for closeted children. This is a bad thing, as it panders more towards what helicopter parents want and not the target audience. It could have take a much more darker and deeper path, but Lego and the animation company itself wanted to play safe and practically abused the toyline for profits. That's why Lego has such negativity and ostracism to Bionicle. They blame the toyline for the mistakes they made, ignoring all else.

im sure they hold a deep hatred towards the line
That must be exactly why they brought it back, just to taunt us!


bionicle the legend reborn was meant to be foodfight confirmed
I also found this on there website
In accordance with THRESHOLD’s IP model, we not only produced a movie, but also produced based on MORTAL KOMBAT :