Why were certain elements from the QftT canonized?

Hi! I recently played through part of the 2001 GBA game Tales of the Tohunga/Quest for the Toa with my friends in the Modularity Modcast. I found it interesting that many elements in the game, such as the Volo Lutu launcher, the Vatuka, and the Vuata Maca trees, are mentioned in the Bionicle Encyclopedia despite rarely if ever appearing in the story outside of that game. Did the game have more input from the story team than the semi-canon MNOG?


There was at least some story team involvement with that game because Alastair Swinnerton is credited as a script editor and story consultant.


All of those terms were also included in the Bionicle “Lexicon” on bionicle.com from 2002 to 2003, so there was already a precedent of including them in encyclopedias.