Wig Of Medusa MOC

Hello, I’m the Rakshi Hunter, this is a moc that I made myself, the Head Of Meduca sorry if there son errors hear and there im just getting started so please don’t discourage me


you mean “medusa”?


Edited Title for spelling - OmegaT

Medusa is a greek mythical creature where if you look into her eyes, you get turned to stone

I mean I don’t know if you have more parts to complete it or fix mistakes there and there, but so far it looks like a bunch of pieces slapped together.

I don’t have many recomendations for this other than fix the colors a bit, and add a lot more parts if you can, while keeping it concistent.

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So keep working on it

He was correcting the spelling, he was not asking who Medusa is.


Oh thanks for that

Also the way it locks into the head looks really really unstable, maybe add a more secure frame around it.

Alright thanks

I don’t really see much of a structure to this. It just looks like elongated pieces connected together in a random way with a Rahkshi head. I like the concept though.


Ok and thanks

This is Pretty good adaptation of the hair of the Gorgon

but the colour scheme is bizarre
good job

…I like the use of the throwbot arms.

Pretty cool so far, but the colour distribution could be better. I think that you should keep all the darker colours for the lower portion and have the colours get lighter near the top.

Also what’s with this random red part?

I ran out of pieces

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