So, Wildstar is a little gem of an MMO that I personally avidly followed since it's release. Here are some Trailers to brief you into a discussion. For me, this game's humor is precious and unique. - It's also F2P and far from P2W which is rare, sadly, the game might die very soon due to the lack of playerbase. :confused:




I'm pretty sure I've heard of this, but I've never played.

i have played it. Currently i have only one character who i have manadge to get to the max level.

the Eldan like i have mention before do remind me of the Great Beings.

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This has been done many times and differently across many universes. Titans from WoW, Eldan from Wildstar and Great Beings of Bionicle.

They are all different in their own sense: Eldan were people that went too far with how much they can stress their technology - and if you played the world quest, you know how that turned out for them. Titans are the Pantheon of world-shaping gods that died by the hand of their brother and finally Great Beings, creatures that did more than any other yet nobody ever lived and saw one.

Odd... you should have enough material to piece together the circumstances of Eldan fate.

I recommend you to try it if you are a fan of cartoon-ish art-style. Worst thing that could happen is that you will have fun for a hour or two.

i know their fate, i just did not say it to prevent spoilers.

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Right, it was just a bit odd to me that you said that they remain a mystery to you, since basically the story is revolving around unveiling their skeletons in the closet.

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i did not say that they remained a mystery, i just said that they reminded me of the great beings.

also as i was playing, i started to really like Drusera.

and lets face it, the great beings from Bionicle would no doupt pull a similar experiment like the eldan if they ever got the chanse.

i mean in a way they did do it with the matoran universe.

Derp me. I guess I'm just so tired I'm conjuring nonsense out of my mind.

They are a really exciting character.

I agree. These two races wont let anything get between them and progress. It's really sad. They were both too smart for their own good, lol.

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whats funny is how the great beings where even worse, in my mind they come of like they are addicted to make more experiments they don't care about politics or how to get their creations to live in peace with one another. they just want to continue to make more experiments. Heck even when they where trying to fix the shattering of Spherus Magna, they still created more experiments while building the great spirit robot.

Well, you know what Eldan did too, right? They literally killed themselves with the experimenting they did - just because they wanted to test. Great beings might consider the lives of their creations expandable, but so do Eldan - heck, they consider their greatest minds expandable when came to creating Drusera

its been a while since i read the lore from the game.

but from what i remember the Eldan who where chosen to be part of the creation of Drusera, where actualy chosen because of their status as the greatest minds of the Eldan, its sort of like chosing the best human scientist or athlete for a mission that is about traveling to Mars. Also, based on some other things from the game, there seems to be hints that the accident that created the Enity was caused by one of the chosen Eldan who was too pridefull to give up his life for the creation of Drusera and thus tweaked on the machine that was going to create Drusera so that his personality would "hopefully" remain.

The Eldan from project genesis signed themselves willingly. - hence why I said they consider themselves expandable when comes to projects such as this.

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