Will-ron and Pyrus

So a while back, I made two G2 MOCs called Will-ron, Master of Iron: Will-ron, Master of Iron - G2 Self MOC by ChaoticTempleKnight on DeviantArt and Pyrus, Fiery warrior-to-be: Pyrus, Fiery warrior-to-be by ChaoticTempleKnight on DeviantArt. It’s about high time I made a topic for them.

Let’s start out with Will-ron

“Will-ron is a toa from a foreign land who journeys to Okoto to look for Iron Ore mines. He makes it to Okoto, landing in the area of the Earth village. After getting permission from Korgot, the Protector of Earth, He begins his search for iron ore. Naturally Will-ron arrived a little bit before the main toa arrived on Okoto. Will-ron said his duty was not to defend Okoto, but he would help the villagers if the skull spiders got too unruly.”

Obviously Will-ron isn’t going to take all the Okoto Iron ore. He just wants some Iron to make a blade. Will-ron likes to make weapons out of Iron from different lands.

Let’s just assume Okoto isn’t on top of a giant robot filled with protodermis for now.

Up close:

So as you can tell, Will-ron is a bit basic, but I did do some stuff different. The chest armor is completely custom. The pectoral plates I got with Tahu and Gali have prints on them… and they clash with the mask of fire. Also I made use of friction joints because of the limb armor. I think it works pretty well. But the arms can clash a little with the chest armor… oops.

Why the mask of Fire though?

“Yes, Will-ron has a mask of fire. Where did he get it? I don’t know yet. Like I said, there is not much G2 Bionicle lore at the moment. Why did I go with that mask by the way? A) I only have Tahu and Gali for toa at the moment, B) I didn’t want to use a skull spider mask for obvious reasons, C) Gold is a Toa of Iron color, and D) we don’t have alternate colored masks yet besides gold masks (including the Skull set re-colors) and comic con exclusives.”

Plus I’d imagine that power over fire could help with smelting ore and melting down iron… and there isn’t a mask of Iron yet…

Now let’s move onto Pyrus

"Pyrus is an aspiring warrior-to-be from the region of fire on Okoto. At first, he had no interest in being a warrior and sat around all day. The Skull spider attacks had put him in a bit of a funk and left him demotivated. Being a younger villager also didn’t help. But one day, Narmoto (the protector of fire) showed him the legend of the Toa. This had an effect on Pyrus as he wanted to become a mighty warrior like the toa of legend. Narmoto then gave Pyrus two Fire blades and scheduled days where he would train Pyrus in the art of combat.

Now when Will-ron landed on Okoto in the region of earth, word quickly spread around. Pyrus knew he had to meet this toa. He didn’t care who he was or what he was on Okoto for. Pyrus journeyed to the region of earth and met Will-ron who was digging to find iron ore. Pyrus was a little disappointed to find out Will-ron was only in Okoto for Iron, but he still wanted to be with him. And fortunately for Pyrus, Will-ron turned out to be very knowledgeable in dual sword combat."

Up close:

Right now, Pyrus has a variant of Kidova’s build. Originally it was just a trans-orange armor shell attached to the ball in the lower section of the skeleton. Yeah, probably a good idea that I made the change. Why did I go with the trans blue in the limbs? A) I think I was subconsciously influenced by Takua from G1 and B) I think it looks unique. Plus I feel the eye stalk balances it out.

Also something I forgot to mention: I feel the Trans-Orange and Trans-Blue compliment each other. It’s kind of like Teal and Orange, that color combination you see overused in movie posters.

And lastly:

So what do you guys think? And on an ending note, I only have a basic understanding of the G2 story right now. I will be getting the books and checking out the animations (I don’t know why I haven’t watched them yet). So yes, I will be updating these guys as need arises.


Will-ron has a little too much 2015 add ons. I would have really likes if he had a large iron sword that he swung around, considering he’s trying to make an iron sword from the iron he wants. The fire mask breaks canon but I understand why you would use it. Try to use a golden mask from g1, like an Olmak. 8.5/10.

Pyrus is pretty simple. 5/10.

Does it though? I don’t think it has been said that masters can only wear their respective element yet. But I could be dead wrong.

I don’t know if an Olmak would work… It’s a pretty big mask meant for titans like Brutaka. Plus the build doesn’t really permit a G1 mask.

I have been experimenting with putting the 2 swords together. I’ll post a picture of that when I get the chance

I don’t find that it makes much sense that a toa of iron has a golden mask of fire. The Olmak could be a mask of iron, and you could just make a custom head for the dude.

I was thinking Jaller’s broadsword.

Also another thing: use some technic on this guy. He’s essentially just a g2 set combiner.

You’re probably not going to agree with me, but that’s how I feel on the matter.

Alright, I am not trying to shoot you down with what I am about to say. The thing is: I don’t like mixing G2 and G1 (Yes, I consider Technic to be G1). It destroys the aesthetic for me. And being completely honest; I don’t see him as a G2 combiner.

But I do see where you are comming from.

They make a good pair.

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For standard ccbs builds, they look fine.

Will-ron is nice and simple. I think he would benefit from a unique feature, like wings or wheelie feet or just… something… Well, for what he is, he’s alright, just a little plain.

Onto Pyrus, I absolutely love the blue bones mixed with the trans armour. Weirdly enough, I don’t think i’ve ever seen it done like that. But it works REALLY well and is really nice to look at.

They look good for toa and protector MOCs, however, I don’t like the clashing trans-blue and trans-orange.

I am going to be completely honest: I feel those colors compliment each other pretty well. But that’s just my opinion on the matter.



Pastel opposites

Blue and orange do go well together

Tis why marketing divisions use it for movie posters, Ignoring the fact that the color combination is overused for said movie posters.

Okay, Silver and Gold Tahu, and Protector of Water with Orange armor. Kay, cool I guess…

Ummm… All can say is I don’t fully agree I guess. Yeah, there is a resemblance, I’ll definitely give you that. But I don’t think they resemble Tahu and Kidova that badly…

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It has Kivoda’s exact build, but with orange armour shells and a red mask, and for the other guy, he has Tahu’s proportions and even has Tahu’s exact same gearbox, even with the exact same swords.

I like them, athough a little custom-ness (not a word) would be nice.

Not exactly, the friction joints are in different spots…well 2 of them are.

To be fair, those are not Tahu’s main weapons. And at least I didn’t use his fire greatswords like I had originally planned.

You can’t change my opinion, I think he looks a lot like Tahu, and explanations to why that is does not make him look less like Tahu.

Let’s agree to disagree then.

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