Will there be a Bionicle Spiritual Successor?

After the cancellation of G2, many members of the TTV message boards are skeptical and debate of the possibility of a third generation of BIONICLE. This also raises the question of whether or not a spiritual successor of BIONICLE is possible. I say this because there is a very small project, called “Project: Afterman”, on Tumblr that is attempting to make a spiritual successor to it.

Is it possible that a group, whether it be from fans of BIONICLE or someone who was influenced by it, possibly make a franchise that has the spirit of BIONICLE itself?


Is possible to exist a new LEGO theme who can be Bionicle’s spiritual successor, but I am more than skeptic when I think at a Bionicle G3. Bionicle G2 was canceled because the kids around the world are not interested anymore about our 6 elemental heroes. The 2015 animations were off, being to short, sometimes untrustworthy, and they have only one voice actor (that was horrible for Gali). If there will exist a Bionicle G3, LEGO really need to be serious, and make Bionicle the theme who was introduced in 2001.

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Well, it doesn’t have to be from LEGO. It could be anything as long as BIONICLE was its inspiration. Though if LEGO were to create a theme that has BIONICLE influence in it, it should be handled with much attention as their most successful brands. That goes the with everything.


Actually Lego themselves described the sales as solid, so lack of sales wasn’t the problem; enough people definitely were interested

If Mega Construx will do Bionicle G3, some people will accept it, some others will not. I personally will try to buy the sets, but LEGO is the big boss in the buildable figure world. Plus, we are talking about themes like Mega Construx! If they already had had a idea like Bionicle, LEGO will be like Blocko. Do you know them? They aren’t to popular.

I believe I did not explain myself clearly, I apologize. When I mean by “spiritual successor”, I meant that a work --whether it be a comic, show, toy-line, game, etc.-- has heavy influences from its original source. What you gave is an example, but I’m talking about BIONICLE spiritual successors in general. Whether it be fan-made such as Project: Afterman that was shown, or from some brand that many can remember.

I am very sory, you don’t need to apologize. But what exactly is Project: Afterman? I realy want to know.

As far as I know, it is supposed to a community effort project created by fans of BIONICLE to develop a story that has similar themes and motifs of BIONICLE, but legally different from it. However, only a few people have participated in it, and their end goal is unclear. More details of their story are in the link provided, and if you’re interested you can submit idea over there as well.

@AHeavyPyro Thank you! I will it. Thank you!

@TheMoltenKing The sales were OK. If I am wrong, than tell me your opinion!

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I saw some of the 2015 Masters in a mall yesterday. It’s not happening, dude.

Opinion on what?

@Chilly what ain’t happening?

G3 or any type of spiritual successor.

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I agree then, the closest we’ll get to a spiritual successor is another constraction theme but it’ll probably be very different

Your opinion about the reason why Bionicle G2 is canceled.

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There was that thing of the relocation of factories, that’s my main one

I have no Idea what Lego intends to do with their next Constraction Line or even if it’s coming personally I’m sure that if Lego DOES release it’s own IP constraction line again two things will happen

  1. Lego will have gone back and looked at why Bionicle failed and amend those errors.(Marketing, Budgets, Online and Physical presence for the product etc.)
  2. I’m sure Lego has learned that a constraction line will not sell well without a decently developed story and likeable/relatable characters. (And to be fair that that rule of thumb even applies to their Sytem lines too) and they’ll have gone back and fixed that as well

I also kind of hope Lego will continue improve the building of their CCBS products so that Lego can have a good quality products without having to rely soley on Robotic-looking characters and they can branch out with this system and maybe even have it branch out with other themes like Superheroes (because let’s face the majority of those old one back in the day were quite cringey) and improve other themes like Star Wars, as well as go on to do other things like Dinosaurs, Monsters, Humanoid characters (organic ones) etc.

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Hero Factory G2 for life.


Here’s my opinions:

Will LEGO make a Bionicle G3? Heck no.

Will another building toy company make a Bionicle-like product? Many have tried, all have failed (I’m looking at you, NEO Shifters).

Will fans make spiritual successors? They already are, but probably never a for-profit, mass hit franchise.

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It’ll probably be a system successor.

You see, Star Wars buildable figures pretty well? Why? Well I dont really know, but Im willing to bet it is because people like the characters and of course the story of star wars