Will we be getting a TTV schedule?

With the new archive channel and every podcast being live now (I’ve listened to parts of two Ninjagocast, where’s my BRAINSTORM), once the schedule is completed for all of the cast, will the Message Boards recieve said schedule so we know when to tune in? Or is that just a Patreon perk?

Considering the Patrons haven’t had a schedule for recordings since November, I wouldn’t count on you plebs getting one. LEGO Live being this month will also throw off any schedule that might be generated since they have more important stuff to do than make a PDF of when they’re recording. I’d say if there’s going to be a schedule open for everyone to see, it won’t be available until March, but that’s just my guess, I could be completely wrong.

In the past, this is how things have usually worked out, but of course everything is subject to change, so take this schedule going forward with a spoonful of salt:

Wednesdays: NinjaGo Cast at 6 EST or later
Thursdays: Brickfeed at 4 EST or later
Fridays: TTV at 6-6:30 EST or later
Saturdays: Brainstorm at 12:30 EST or later

I’m honestly a little salty they recorded a second Ninjagocast last night rather than a Brainstorm

Don’t be, since Brainstorm has never been recorded in the middle of the week, and I doubt that’s something that’s going to change. It would be like a blockbuster movie releasing in the middle of the week instead of on a Friday, it just doesn’t hap-

Well, it normally doesn’t happen.


I thought I heard Brainstorm came out on Thursdays, so my bad

Brainstorm is usually on Saturdays


LEGO Live has changed our schedules around, and we also have to vary things around so that certain people can make it to the recordings. We hope to make our schedule a bit more solid later on in the year. That being said, come March we should have a dedicated schedule again, and we’ll be posting it to the Patreon as well as probably tweeting out the start times.

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