Will you go back to building BIONICLE Characters now?

With Bionicle returning to us, will you go back to building bionicle specific characters? Did you ever stop in there first place?

I personally never stopped fully, but Bionicle ending definitely lead to me building new MOCs in Non-bionicle story lines and universes. Now that its back, I wonder if I'll be compelled to create more MOCs within it's universe again. And I also wonder if we'll see a surge in Bionicle oriented MOCs from MOCers who've otherwise strayed from it. This already seems to be the case in my observation, what do you think?


i never stoped building them i kept building them to this year and day

I already have resumed. so far I've built an entire Toa team (which can be viewed on the forums cough check them out cough) and a Dark Hunter type character.

Honestly, I never collected any sets all that frequently, so I never really had enough pieces to make a good MOC. I might start collecting after BIONICLE returns.

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Yeah, I'll definitely be going back.
Only reason I stopped in the first place was I couldn't follow the 2008-2009 shift and Mata Nui suddenly becoming a character instead of a background deity.
Kind of jarring.

That and I needed to make a choice between Warhammer 40,000 and Bionicle.

Bionicle appeared to have gone completely nuts and 40k seemed to be stable and not likely to go the same way.

4 years later, the situation appears to have been reversed, but now at least I have the capital to do a balancing act.
The fact that I have a backlog of 40k stuff to assemble and paint helps in that regard as well, because I've put that on hold until I've got some more stuff on that account done.

When bionicle comes back I am so building Tahu and Skull spider lord thing first smiley


I lost all my pieces somehow so that makes me upset. I'll have to collect them all to recreate Toa Vortrex, a Toa of Fire I created who had a Kanohi Kiril and was the most awesome person, ever.
I was quite young back then.

I've always wanted to create a Toa Nidhiki MOC and a Toa Krakua with a proper Suletu, not a Hau. Or is the Hau-shaped Suletu canon?

I never stopped building, but I only began using a Youtube channel for them last year. I never strayed from the line, even if I used HF. I'll definitely continue that in the future.

Probably not. I will start collecting the sets, though. Brace yourself, bank account...

I never stopped building either. But the end of Bionicle is when I started College so 2009-2010 I had no money. Then I dropped out cause it just wasn't working, moved to my Moms to look for a job, never found one but through volunteering at my step dad's work and doing most of the house chores, they'd kick me a few bucks and I could start buying sets again. That's when HF 2.0 came out. I believe my first HF set was Jet Bug, but it might have been Furno 2.0. I don't remember as I got them close. Anywho I never stopped MOCing and won't till I'm too old and forgetful to. But what I was asking was did what you actually build change since bionicle ended? For me, yes and no. Yes as I branched out into other concepts and territories with the subjects of my builds. They didn't have to tie into the bionicle Universe. No though in the sense that I did still build things during the last 4 years that are a part of the bionicle universe.

Now that bionicle is coming back. I wonder how much non bionicle stuff people will be making. It'll be interesting to observe it all.

I've still been making MOCs for a good while now, and with all the parts/ideas/motivation I have left, it doesn't seem like I'll be stopping any time soon. =P

I've also been spending a bit of the summer reconstructing my set collection. I'm buying either new parts to complete some or just a new whole set that I haven't owned before entirely. My most recent purchase was Axalara T9 for about 35 dollars on a lucky ebay bid.

Recommendation to some of you: If you have a load of random BIONICLE/technic parts lying around and are looking to getting sets you haven't owned before, see if you can scrap together parts from your collection that are included in the set and then look into buying the rest of the parts on Bricklink such as an exclusive mask and set of tools or whatever. Doing this helped me complete all my Toa teams, including the Toa Mata, for a fairly cheap price.



Currently I'm trying to build a Tren Krom mock.

I like to keep my Bionicles as sets and not tear them apart to make mocs however if I get doubles (birthday, christmas) then I'm happy to tear them apart and use the pieces for mocing. I did moc after the end of Bionicle in 2010 but with mainly hero factory pieces since I don't preserve those. ~Detox

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I agree about Hero Factory pieces. I enjoy ripping their limbs off.

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