Willess12's Self-MOC: Litua the backstabber

It's about time I posted this MOC for you all to rip to shreds. He is a Toa of Air disguised as a Toa of Fire, who wears a full-face Mask of Fire to hide his face and prevent his former friends from recognizing him.

Nyran Shot

His sword can go on his back, and he can reach it there too.

He has a full range of poseability, even in his torso, and that knife is green for story reasons.

His heartlight is fake. The real one is hidden beneath his armor to protect it.

And he has elbow lasers.


Great job with this moc th hand design is amazing. But the seems a little wide though other then 9.5/9.5 great job

Good job! I haven't seen a good pure G1 sorta moc in a while! I L.O.V.E the sword it looks so good! Only con for me is his face looks a little strange but other than that great moc! 8/10 😀

You had me at "elbow lasers."


I only have an issue with his pelvis and hip connections and such. Otherwise, phenomenal work.

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Elbow lasers huh? 10/10

Seriously though, I like some aspects of this MOC

  • The proportions are accurate (well, the limbs are)
  • The color scheme is consistent
  • The legs look okay
  • Love the look of the hands
  • Love that its very posable

My main issues with the MOC is that the pelvis and head look a little odd.

I'm really not a fan of this MOC, I don't like it at all. confused


It kinda looks like an Ogre.



The hands? I don't see it, but okay.

Well, it does have one CCBS piece...

Yeah. I suck at custom heads. But then again, it's supposed to be a Nyran-esque mask, so it works,

Been trying to find a way to fix that. See, the problem is that my hip design requires a lot of room to work, so the only way to fix it is to beef up the chest.

Why thank you!


I feel sorry now. cry

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Don't. You gave your honest opinion on the MOC presented for opinions.

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Nice! The feet look a bit odd though.


His head is wierd and he's fat. Those are the main cons.

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