William Furno, Alpha Team Rookie

When Furno was created in the Assembly Tower, Hero Factory's founder, Akiyama Makuro, noted that there was something different about him. After Furno's construction was complete he was placed in the Quaza Chamber for charging, at which point the reaction in his core caused by his charging nearly blew the Tower off the map. He successfully captured the Villain Rotor, and has helped in the capturing of the rest of Von Nebula's gang as well as the mastermind himself. He later fought the Fire Villains with the rest of the team but was defeated. In order to defeat the villains he was upgraded to Furno 2.0.

The chestplate comes from a “Fusion Warriors” figure.


Fusion warriors?
You made use of a Lego knock-off?
Never mind. I liked this until I saw that.


I like it.
I like it a lot.
Wait a second where is the chest piece from? Fusion warriors? Oh a knock off huh. You brave man.
I like it even more now, you rebel.

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There's nothing wrong with using unique clone brand pieces :^)


I just feel like it encourages others to steal Lego's stuff. I also don't torrent for the same reason: It's encouraging others to steal people's ideas and creations and make it so that they get no credit for it.
I live in China, so there is a huge number of knockoffs of Lego stuff. I still buy only Lego products, even though they are at double price, because it's Lego's work and I want to give them credit for that work (also because in most cases, these knockoffs are of inferior quality).
The one time I bought a knockoff to test its quality, I felt disgusted with myself. I Keep it in a place where it never touches my other Legos so I don't accidentally integrate it.
I don't believe you are a bad person for doing it, but I just find it hard to support this MOC.

Sorry if I sound preachy.


That's pretty great! Though I do have some issues with it (The arms are a bit too short, not a fan of the trans-red, etc.) this is really cool! I quite enjoy how the legs emulate the same look as the original!

Nice job! :smiley:

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so simple...and yet... So well done..

Eh the open socket in the back is bothersome =P

Nah aside from that tiny thing it is pretty much flawless

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I like it. The only thing that's a little bothersome is how the upper bones are different colours, like you tried too hard to integrate the trans orange...from the front it looks fine though, so I don't know

You did a good job of capturing the look of the original set. The foot for the back armor could be replaced with something else though.

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Simple but effective

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A revamp of my first constraction set ever...

You have my thanks, stellar job.

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I love everything. This looks really good despite being super simple!

I love how you shaped the leg armor to look like boots, it looks really nice!

Also, I have no qualms with a knock-off chestplate because I like the Hero Core with that chest design, but it looks really awkward from the front. Like, his neck looks too short.

But all in all, really nice and clean and striking! Love it!

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Nothing too complain about, really. His lower legs are really neat and look cohesive. Not a fan of his neck, though.

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This looks very nice for how simple it is.

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You took one of my least favorite sets and made him cool

I really like the way the trans orange was used

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I almost got some Fusion Warriors just for that piece.

Very simple, but this guy still looks really good!

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I might've actually bought Furno 2.0 if he looked like that.