Windfall's Toa Hagah MOC contest

Hello, everybody. Following my period of inactivity on Bionicle-related websites, I have now got my rear in gear and am making a contest.
As you can see from the title, its based around Toa Hagah.
Anyone is free to join, here are the rules:

-Must be an original creation of your design
-Must be an actual Toa (i.e. between 10-18 inches tall, standard proportions unless mutated, Kanohi-wearing)
-Maximum one entry per User
-Must be of a canon element (Canon gender optional)
Must include a metallic color, i.e. Silver, Gunmetal, Gold
-The Makuta their team was assigned to MUST be included
-Pre-existing Toa are allowed

Post your entries (or questions) on the topic. This is a long-running contest, so you have plenty of time to build should you enter.

I look forward to your entries.


Contest aside those MOCs on the pic are pretty amazing


Cool! I can make a non canon gender!?! /s

sounds pretty cool, I may or may not enter. btw, approximately what is “long-running”?


I would have joined the group on MOCPages, but I am in no shape to do contests! Sorry, man!

######But I would help judge…just saying…

I’m already invested in so many contests, but I want to join. Put me down as a maybe.

Would join, but I don’t have enough white, blue, or brown armor pieces and bionicle limbs. Otherwise I would. I also don’t have the masks I refer to as headcanon for them. (Except Kualus)

I did say I was taking a break from MOCing to do spellbook, but it wouldn’t hurt me to enter a contest or two. Just currently don’t have the needed pieces…

@CarumSarene Well, you don’t need to make a canon Toa, you can make your own with whatever colors. The world is your lego bin.
@PakariNation99 That crossed my mind as I was inviting you. :confused: You can help judge
@Ghosty Thanks… They were kind of my inspiration for this contest.
@TheRed1s I’m thinking roughly one month, to be adjusted as needed


Excuse me if I’m wrong but that’s nowhere near the heights that the set Toa Hagah had. 7-12 inches would be more appropriate.

Long running contest eh? I’ll add it to my list.


This looks really interesting, I dunno if I have the parts…Maybe…

@Hawkflight I believe you are correct. But you know what I meant.

@RaptorTalon You shoulddd…

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Yay! :smile: