Windwirler's Helryx The First Toa Canon Contest Entry

Hello all! Here is my take on Toa Helryx. She is featured in my STOP MOTION series “Tales From Spherus Magna” on YouTube. Her design is inspired by some Mata revamps I’ve done in the past. Those were also inspired by a few other people’s designs in the community. She has a mix of parts from the Mata and Metru lines. I figured since the Metru were depictions of Toa in the ancient past and the Mata were the prototypes for all Toa, this design would hit somewhere in between and that would make sense.

Anyways good luck all!


This is one of the few to actually pull off the frail look. Solid work.

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Solid Helryx. That Botar replacement though: perfect in every way.

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Just a heads up, the image links on the main contest page aren’t working.

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Thanks for the heads up. :slight_smile:

@Chronicler Much appreciated Chronicler.

@Virdamo Hey thanks, ya I’ve christened him Jotar lol.


How do I fix them?

I’m not familiar enough with the message boards to know why they aren’t working, just that they aren’t. There are two or three other entries with that problem as well, though.

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Hey all good, I’m sorta new here too. Thanks for getting back to me.

Reminiscent of krakua, I like it!

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Thank you! She is the Toa design he’d be familiar with before his transformation I believe.