Winter 2015 LEGO Star Wars Pictures!

Here's HD pictures of (most of) the upcoming SW sets. Thoughts?


I am SUPER excited for the Geonisis troopers set.
I have Utapau and Kashyyyk troopers and I love the figures in them, so I am going to love Geonosis troopers.


I think the title should be edited, it says "Winter 2014" when it should say "Winter 2015".

(For relevancy)
I highly anticipate the Hailfire Droid.


Definitely will buy the battle packs. Other than that, it is just meh Rebels stuff.

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The AT-OP is 100% on my want list, but other than that, meh. Starwars sets in the later years have become super expensive and lazy. No real point in purchasing them.

Okay, indivudual set opinions GO:

Shadow Troopers: Awesome. I LOVE the look of these guys. I almost wish all four 'figs were those beautiful gunmetal stormtroopers. Then again, Shadow Imp Guards are BA in their own right smiley.

Imperal Troop Transport: Easy way to get plain Stormies and a canon
vehicle? Yes please!

Geonosis Troopers Good looking walker and great deco on the figures. But...why Phase 2 troopers who were never on Geonosis? I really wish we could have gotten this set a few years ago with Phase 1 Sonic Troopers of Flame Troopers.

Senate Commandos: Finally a decent way to get Senate Commandos! It just seems like a bit of an obscure figure choice for a battlepack. IMO another Rebel Infantry set would have been a bit more appropriate.

Ezra's Speeder Bike: The speeders look like a great - if slightly oversized - design. However, why doesn't Sabine have her Mando helmet? I guess they ran out of budget... frowning
A darker skin tone for Sabine would have been good too.

Skyhopper: A good-looking remake of a very obscure vehicle. That Tusken Raider though... faints at the amazingness

Tie Advanced: Looks great but doesn't interest me all too much. That tan Imperial Officer is cool though. I'm betting MOCers are gonna use that new lightsaber hilt piece for some clever greebling.

Droid Troop Carrier: 565 pieces for such a small vehicle? That's crazy! Then again, we do get a dozen B1 battle droids. Yay for droid army building!

AT-DP: Cool looking vehicle with some very neat shapes. I like it! The new minifigs look great too.

That's pretty much it for my thoughts. Do you guys agree with me? Or am I out of my mind?


What's a "cacon" vehicle?

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A rare craft only driven by those who have committed the unforgivable act of making a typo. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


Personally I'm just excited for the clone troopers because let's be honest, they're pretty awesome. I used to collect Lego Star Wars but now I'm not that into it. They're still pretty cool but Inhave to say. Really Lego, really? Star Wars Rebels sets? Come on.

Come on? But this makes total sense. Rebels is the new thing that's out right now, and one of the things that's gonna be known by the public and make money.

It was the same with Clone Wars from 08, and it's this way for Rebels now.

I personally look forward to it.


Maybe I'm being a little to harsh. I should be happy they're doing something new.

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Honestly, the majority of this wave is "something new".