Winter 2016 Wave Mock-Ups

Here's the place to post mock-ups of the coming 2016 winter wave so we can see what's inside. I've already made mock-ups of the Toa's torsos and Uxar and Terak's gearboxes.
New torso piece(s):

The flatiron neck, 5-long levers, 3-long with balljoint, bushings and large gear are all one piece, the balljoints, Bohrok eyes, and two pin-hole-90-degree-axle hole pieces are all another.
Gali's torso:

Note: the a-frame and Glatorian neck are fused as the torso, the greenish-yellow and yellow pieces are the "Piece of Unification", the open axle on the left shoulder shouldn't be there.
Pohatu's torso+upper arms:

Note: The yellow piece is the "Piece of Unification", the 3-long axles on the shoulders should be 1 length pin 2 length axle pieces, the glatorian neck, 5-long lever, and 3-long with balljoint are fused as the torso.
Lewa's torso:

The red pieces are the "Piece of unification", the blue axle-pin is a two-pin-one-axle piece.
Onua's torso:

The red pieces are the "Piece of Unification"
Tahu's torso:

The greenish-yellow pieces are the "Piece of Unification", the three-length black axles are two-pin-one-axle pieces.
Kopaka's torso+Upper arms:

The three-length black axles are two-pin-one-axle pieces, there should be a "Piece of Unification" on the back
Feel free to post your own here!
Skeleton (No armor) of Onua and Terak:


Wait, how do you copy your creations off of LDD and put them here? Also, really nice interpretations of the Toa torsos. (Can you do Pohatu?)

You can use Ctrl+K (or Cmnd+K if you're using a Mac) to take a transparent screenshot of the model when in Build Mode.

Thanks. I'll try that

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