WIP Bionicle Dark mirror Mini film in CGI / Help wanted for tester!

Hi guys! I present to you a project that I have been working on for a long time … it is the scene of Lhikan’s death in Darkmirror, a point that in my opinion could have more potential, this short is done in Blender in CGI, I share here the link for the testers, I would like to have your opinions before publishing it complete, in fact this is an incomplete version, I am waiting for your opinions! see ya!

here the link for youtube! https://youtu.be/PCJRMrM-xvw

And nothing, i hope you like it!


Mata nui

We can seen different endings of The many deaths of Toa Tuyet


This looks pretty cool. :sunglasses:

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you can see it this way, but I think this is the only official alternative ending to many deaths of tuyet, as this mini movie is also based on the premise of the Toa empire.

@Rukah Thanks bro!


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This looks very nice and smooth.

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This looks really nice.

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There are a few slightly janky parts, but for the most part, the models, animation, and editing is very impressive!

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