WIP female MOC

I’ve been very busy over the past week and I haven’t done a lot of building, but I thought that I would start a new MOC. This one will be female, but it might not be done until after Christmas, because I need to make a huge bricklink order…

Tell me what you think…


The spine’s an interesting concept while the limbs are alright! Keep it going!

Would have appreciated right-side-up images.

Initial impressions:

*Intentional color blocking?
*Random silver on crotch
*Upper arms (minus armor) are a bit spindly, might not be a big issue though
*Slightly blocky upper torso
*Slightly skinny waist


I really like the thigh design… even though it isn’t anything special it still looks very good.
The design for the spine is very creative… haven’t seen that anywhere before… well done. ^^

Thanks guys! And @Hawkflight, I’m going to be making a topic in the artwork section explaining the shape differences for my male and female MOCs (why the waist is so small). Also, any suggestions for lower legs?

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Really digging the thigh design. The gunmetal should be changed to silver though, to make it more uniform. Looking good so far.

Hmm, I think the new shin piece from the star wars constraction figures would look good on the lower legs.

There will be gunmetal and silver, mainly because I don’t have all of the gunmetal pieces in silver… @MakutaKirakh, I tried that, and believe it or not, IMO, it looked too wide… And I used the only pair that I own on REx1

I like it! I’m a fan.


Looks good, the wide hips and thin waist really do accentuate a female figure well.

The lower torso is very well done. Gets the impression across.
Might I recommend piecing some armor through the spine so it hangs out of the back? Would cover it up nicely.

Looks pretty good so far.

I love this one.
Can’t wait to see it finished.

It’s maybe just a tad too bare and thin, but you know what, the shaping seriously works! Can’t wait to see the finished!