WIP: Gali, Princess of the Deep

I’ve been working on a sort of “2017 Gali”, using Jyn Erso’s new feminine chestplate. So far, I have an arm, the torso, and head. Apologies for the horrific image qualitu; I’ll be getting a new camera soon.


Close-Up on Torso

Close-Up on Arm




I love the use of that SW female torso piece.
The rest looks okay, The trans light blue circles with the spikes look kinda awkward.
I can’t wait to see it finished!


Yeah, I was aware that I was kind of toeing a line there. I’ll need to adjust that.

Thanks man!

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was that an intentional pun?

Haha nope. I’m kind of the king of unintentional puns.

Here’s a small update: The torso and arms should be a lot better now.


Good, though that blue torso looks a bit off. Maybe it’s too smooth.

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m, I don’t like the fully blue Jyn torso and some bits are clutter at the moment.
keep it up-

Hmm… I’m thinking that the upper arms need to be a bit more uniform looking. Any other areas?

As a note, I’m considering adding orange accents to the torso piece, although I feel like it looks pretty good right now. I’ve been busy with family over the holidays, and I don’t have my MOCing supplies with me; however, I should have another update ready in about a week.

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I think you might have screwed yourself by using that torso piece :confused: It’s kinda limiting.

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the torso looks kinda weird with the printings, but it’s looks pretty nice so far

Really cool and great build. I am really bad at building so can you give me a few tips on how you guys make such great torsos and arms. I have as much time as you needs. Plz help

@Fidda Plz show me how you make that torso

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To be honest, all I did to create the torso shell shown was paint this piece with a pale summer sky blue color; the inner workings of the torso are relatively similar to the structure of the parent set, sans the addition of the 4M axles to anchor in the chain and the system component to attach the Noble Huna piece.

If you would like more info on how to build creative, functional, poseable, and aesthetically pleasing MOCs, you can check out this topic on our message boards.

You painted a piece?!?! I never thought of that. Thanks

If I were you, I would keep that to a minimum; it’s only the second time that I’ve ever painted a piece, and I’ve been doing this for three years.

In my opinion, painting pieces should be done very sparingly, in order to keep a MOCist creatively versatile with TLG’s pieces, without beginning to rely on modifying pieces as a shortcut. In this case, the piece in question has only been released in one set with complex printing, and possesses a huge amount of MOCing potential as a result of its design.

Any update? legs? other arm?

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You can expect a huge update tonight, in about 5 hours.

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The moc looks pretty amazing. I am curious what those black prints on the torso pieces are from. I would attach bushings onto the exposed axles.

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The black print design is comprised of a series of unpainted sections of the Jyn Erso torso piece. As a note, I tried out the look of 0.5M bushings on the “belt buckles”, assuming that those were what you were referring to when you mentioned the exposed axles. IMO they broke up the color scheme a little too much.

Alright folks: here she comes.

I still need to get a few pieces from my old house, such as the other piece of orange stars armor, but otherwise the torso feels pretty final to me. What are you guys thinking?


I like the orange color, but overall, the look doesn’t flow too well with those parts, IMO. Especially with the headdress and upper arms. They’re just too clunky and awkward looking for my liking.

The torso looks great, though. Especially with the Jyn Erso piece.

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It’s kinda all over the place tbh, it looks as if you’re going through something that happens to me all the time where you see something of a colour that matches and try slapping it on wherever theres room. Heres my advice to fix this - peel back the layers a bit and put all the parts you took off in front of you, then sort the ones that fit the aesthetic from the ones that look all janky and try to coordinate not only colours but also shapes when rebuilding. Hope this helps