WIP, just an update


what am i even looking at?


Exactly. @SonicBionicleMaster What is this?


The black worm.

It’s actually almost done, just thinking it needs some polishing

Oh, so that’s the WIP. Now I kind of get it. What about the pile of parts in the back?

so, what specifically are we seeing? a tail? what?

all i can tell is that it’s a mass of CCBS

Just pieces of other Mocs I got the ccbs bone pieces from.

I’m making a giant worm

but what is where? is this a part of the worm? where’s the front? the back?

i can’t tell, 'cause it just looks like a mass of CCBS.

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You’re looking at the worms core and head

i assume you’re going to be doing more to bulk out the rest of the MOC, and adding parts to make the thing look more cohesive?

So let me get this strait, you killed off a bunch of your recent moc (including some you showed today) for this single moc.

The parts limitation is real for you.

Anyways, at the moment it looks like a mace frame rather than a worm.


Well it looks better now

wait a minute… this isn’t a mace?..


It’s a worm

It’s a good start. Or finish?

It took him less than a day to finish it:

The only differents are some spikes and expanding the “tail”.


Do you have any black or gunmetal ccbs armor peices?

Gunmetal wouldn’t hurt the moc in my opinion

I have lots

Dude use those, I guarantee you can make it look a bit more solid. Do you have maybe some little spikes you could put on those?

Check the final version