WIP Makuta

Here it is


Its really over designed, and whats this obsession with using the mutated Mask of Control without horns? it makes it look like clown hair!


does this look better


doesn’t really evoke makuta maybe you’re better off with the corrupted MoCT

also I believe the body needs… cleaning up

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does this look better.

Well not really.

what do i do to clean it up

Get rid of all the random armor add ons, especially the ones on the chest. you don’t need to plug up every hole.
also swap out the feet for the big beast ones, and use the Mask of Control.

where specifically and witch mask of control the 1st one or 2nd one

I didn’t know. where to clean up

Welp can’t unsee that xD


Dunno how anybody missed it to begin with. It’s really painful ;-;


I updated my Makuta so that he can get a helmet


well, I think you should get rid of the random creature head on the back, take off the weird armor under his shoulder, get rid of the vines on his feet, and get the translucent lime out and silver out of the color scheme, I think that would fix most of the problems with him.

I’d suggest getting a different weapon. The current one doesn’t fit Maukuta that well.

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I am really liking him now, I think all you would need now is a cool weapon design, and, um, yeah that’s about it, I would recommend getting rid of the creature head on his butt, it sticks out a bit too far, but if you fix that, I think I would actually buy this.