WIP Moc: Where shoud I go with this?

Hey guys! Been throwin' together some stuff and developed this here...thing:

I'm not quite sure where i'm going with it, but I wanna do something new and weird. Any suggestions on what I should do with it? Anything is open to change, as well. Thanks!



make a dragon-y thing with those as the back legs ghost

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Make a frog...

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I think the thing looks fine as legs, personally. Maybe just add a head and call it good. smiley

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Perhaps a Muaka kind of thing?

Ooh! I like that idea smiley

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if you swapped the red for blue gadunka's skull would make a nice frog head.

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Just add a Furno 1.0 helmet and call it done.


Make it a Bridge Walker sort of thing.


Make a dinosaur.

It would look really funny if you just added a head right in the middle. Otherwise, maybe add some rear legs and turn it into some animal thing.

Turn it into a frog.

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Make it into something like a Star Wars walker and make a turret that a figure can sit on.

I say Gorilla.
Or Mechorilla.

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An ape-dragon.

Give it a head. Just a head, nothing more. Or maybe give it silly tyrannosaurus hands.

Yeah I'm with a couple of other people here. Maybe take inspiration from Art from Monsters University? You could have cute little arms hanging down smiley

It should become a frog-dragon-chickenwalker-bridgewaljer-ape-dragon-dinosaur-art...

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Giant human?
You could try that, just as long as you have the parts.

I'd say make a crocodile if you have the parts