[WIP] Novel V2 (self-MOC)

Hey look it’s that dumb looking stand thing
So, I wanted to redo my self moc. I wanted to keep the general color scheme (green and orange), but I wanted to make it different in a way.

If you were to look back at my older mocs, you’d see that some of them are purposefully asymmetrical, even split. In some instances I pulled it off, and in others I didn’t. However, I wanted to implement it into this moc.

And finally, I wanted to keep the idea of switching out weapons, as my self-moc is an engineer of sorts. What I have so far is this.

The green 2016 blade can be swapped out with the orange one on his back

I also have some different designs for the head.

Keeping the head from my original self moc

Or a new, different look, and adding a new color.

For reference, here’s my original self-moc.

All comments and criticisms are appreciated. If anyone wants backstory, I have a vague idea of what this guy kinda… “is.”


Your moc reminds me of those Doritos collisions with habanero and guacamole. It that weird.


I see that as a good thing. Thank you.

dat stand!!

What about dat stand?
You mean this stand?


Why can’t I read it

Why can’t you read me?

I like it, can’t wait for the finished product.

I think it’s interesting so far. Not a fan of the torso and especially not of the second head, but the rest is looking pretty alright so far.


What do you suggest I do differently?

But I kinda liked that head

Well, the second head isn’t the main issue, it’s the purple. You’ve got a nice unique color scheme going on right now but adding in purple would kill any sense of cohesion IMO.

As for what could be done differently…I’m not a fan of how the lower torso is shaped, and I feel like the upper torso armor needs something to protrude beyond the green/orange CCBS shells. The lower arms also have that needless huge bulky addition that seems to serve no real purpose, and just adds…I guess a distraction where there doesn’t need to be one.

Still, it’s not bad in my opinion, just needs work.

I really like the spikes, so I’m keeping them…
Do you suggest I make them black? Imma make em black and see how it looks.

I kinda like the lower torso, as it was the only feasible way to get the huge friggin ccbs shell in the middle of the torso to not stick out like a zombie’s upper jaw.

I think the black claw pieces will cover that, if that’s what you’re talking about.

If you were to remember my original self moc, he has a kind of a suit. The original looked alot like an exoskeleton kind of addon, to help in mobility and strength (which is what the claw is), and I wanted this guy to be just an upgraded version of that.

Thanks though, feedback like this is what WIPs really need

By all means keep the spikes, just please don’t make them purple. I think they’d be an eyesore in an otherwise unique and fun color scheme.

Hmm. The major issue here for me is that I’m not a fan of the CCBS shell used to begin with, outside of certain uses. Most particularly because here, it really screws up the visual weighting of the body armor. Which leads me to my second point…

prepares the shameless shameful plug cannon
The dear fellow on the right here is going to be my guinea pig here. His torso, while stupidly simple and far smaller than what you’ve got here, is actually really similar in concept. He’s got a CCBS shell in the middle, and the two panels coming in from the sides. The visual weighting I referred to is how the upper portion of his torso looks “heavier” and bulkier than the lower component. On Novel right now, you almost have that down, but the Slizer head goes back out after it begins, resulting in this weird second center of weight that really screws the torso up for me. It’s a pretty easy fix if you can redesign the waist, but it really just depends on how far you want to go for this guy.

In addition, the torso armor is…really flat. Not sure if that’s just a nitpick or actual critique, but it does seem a little too flat. Maybe it’s just me but I think he could use some detailing up there, just be careful not to go overkill if you add any.

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Maybe make 2 of the age weapons with different colors, I think it would fit this moc, colors are good, opposite colors look good, have you tried making the arms symmetric


I’ll try mixing up a bunch of other thingies and seeing what works.

o jeez

That’s actually a pretty good insight on how these work. I’ve been a fan of your mocs for a while, so this can really help.

That itself was a flaw that I just have to stick with for the time being, as the current possibilities for connections on the chest are… limited at best.

I’m not quite sure what you mean

The arms are very purposefully asymmetric, as is his whole design. Whether or not that’s a bad thing is different, I just don’t necessarily want to change it.

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It means green and orange are cool together, sorry for bad phrasing

But are you suggesting making 2 different weapons, with each having the color? Or have one weapon with both colors.
The two weapons design I did think of, but I’m not sure how that would work with the tech arm.
The one weapon design would get rid of the aspect of changing out weapons, that I feel is almost essential for this guy. I will, however, try that out, as it’s an interesting idea nonetheless.

I mentioned himy having 2 weapons with separate colors